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Zora is the son of Zara Ideale a Magic Knight in the Purple Orca Squad and first commoner to become a Magic Knight. At age 12 his father his gives him a doll and encourages

Sometime afterwards his father died on a mission While visiting the grave, Zora overhears his father's squadmates admit to killing Zara because he was a peasant associating with nobles. Crying, Zora stays hidden behind a tree and clutches his doll angrily. Years later, Zora begins searching for and taking out corrupt Magic Knights.

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Despite not be a direct front line fighter Zora's Magic gives him advantage terms of unpredictability placement and using the terrain to his advantage. He was also able to defeat Xerx Lugner a Vice-Captain in the Purple Orca and assume his identity for Royal Knights Selection Exam.

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Trap Magic 「魔法 Torappu Mahō」:

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