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Threat to the Alliance Edit

Due to the World Government vast influence and power, they pose a serious threat to the Alliance. Although the majority body of their military force is composed of ordinary soldiers, without any supernatural energy like Magic and Chakra, some of their more experienced and potential, along with those who received special training like Six Powers Martial Arts, and those with Devil Fruits are able to hold of against the strongest individual from the other worlds.

The World Government is looked at very poorly by the other worlds, due to their arrogance, and irresponsibility, as well as the lust for power.


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The World Government has over 100 countries that are afflicted with them and several territories under its rule and protection, While all these countries have most of their own laws, they still must some laws and remain in the government's good graces. However now because of The Universal War, some members have decided to join the alliance, the coalition or remain neutral in the war.

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