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William is beloved by his men and commands extreme loyalty from them. He has a calm, friendly demeanor and nearly always wears an amiable smile when conversing with other people. He still maintains a somewhat mysterious aura due to the fact that most of his expression is covered by his mask.

He is an observant, cautious individual who quickly notices Asta's high athletic ability during the exam, and who also attempts to keep the other captains in check during Gueldre's attempted escape by pointing out that the other man may be under the influence of someone else's magic.

Despite William's difficult childhood and the pain and loneliness he went through, he is not discouraged or enraged by his miserable circumstances and is instead a truly kindhearted individual. This immense kindness is further emphasized with his relationship with the elf, Patolli. Despite them being of different races and Patolli holding immense hatred and anger towards humans, William is not once bothered by it and decides to protect him no matter what due to sensing the young elf's inner sadness and pain, even though he did not really know who or what Patolli was at first.

History(Black Clover Manga)[]

William was born out of wedlock to Noble. Because of this and his face scar he was view as a cursed child as such he was forced to grow up in the forsaken region of the Clover Kingdom where he is feared by those around him due to his appearance. When William is 8 years old, his father's heir dies so William is brought to live in the Noble Realm. The noble's wife, William's foster mother, loathes the boy's appearance and frequently abuses him.

War Of Discoveries(Prologue)[]




Clover Kingdom[]

Julius Novachrono[]

Golden Dawn[]

Black Bull[]

Traveling Strike Force[]

Cult Of The End[]

For attacking his home kingdom, as well as their attempt to purge his world, William is an enemy of the cult. Even more so, when he discovered they captured and tortured his friend Patolli and warped his memories making him a puppet for the cult, William reacted with fury and promised to make them suffer for their crimes.

Powers and Abilities[]

As Magic Knight Captain of the Golden Dawn one of two strongest Squads in the Clover Kingdom, William is powerful fighter. Having been to single handily defeated Broccos one the Eight Shining Generals who are consider the strongest mages from the Diamond. Kingdom and stop invasion from the same Kingdom. He is consider one of the four candidates to become the next Wizard King. Even Yakuma admit the latter was strong and that his magic was useful and it would probably be able to absorb any other energy source.


  • William's Japanese VA is Daisuke Ono who also voices Toki in Naruto and Shukuro Tsukishima in Bleach.
  • William's English VA is Joshua Grelle who also voices Fumikage Tokoyami in My Hero Academia, Hughes in Fairy Tail and Tyrian Callows in RWBY.
  • William shares the same birthday with Madara Uchiha, Patolli and Tony Tony Chopper.