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Tomura Shigaraki, real name Tenko Shimura is the leader of the League of Villains after his master, All For One's defeat and arrest, and the archenemy of Izuku Midoriya. Like the rest of the League, his goal was to kill All Might; the Symbol of Peace, thus destroying society and to create a new one with a new form of justice in his own image.

Later on, Tomura changed his goal to instead, destroy society all together rather than reshape it.


Tomura was once a kind and timed person however due his past horrible events and being influenced as a child by All For One. He has become warped and cruel having no regards for the lives of other or his comrades, killing and performing evils crimes without a second thought. omura was initially perceived to be a "man-child": arrogant, selfish, dependent and demanding, becoming angry if things didn't go his way and likening reality to some sort of video game. Much like a child, Tomura seemed unable to cope with his own feelings, instead lashing out and abusing both others or himself, tearing at his own neck when he becomes frustrated.

He however has pride in his organization and willing to do anything to make it stronger and prove it has the power overthrow the current Hero Society. He however is annoyed with comrades due their eccentric personalities and because they inspired by Chizome Akaguro. Tomura can set his pride aside in order to do whatever is needed to accomplish his goals, adopting Stain's ideology to enlist more members to his cause and forming a deal with the Shie Hassaikai for the development of the Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Tomura as a child

History (My Hero Academia Series)[]

Tomura was originally named Tenko Shimura the grandson of Nana Shimura the teacher of All Might and one of the previous Holders of One For All. His grandmother originally placed her son in foster care(Kotaro Shimura) with the promise that All Might or Gran Torino would never contact him.

He was born to Nao Shimura and Kotaro Shimura and is the younger brother of Hana Shimura.

Though he was loved by his family and had fascination with heroes his father would punish him for these acts by placing him outside.

One day his older sister showed a picture of his grandmother Nana and their father. However his father would find out severely punish him. Tenko's suffering was watched by his other relatives, who he begged for help but they could only witness it in horror. While outside, Tenko confided in the family dog of how he hated everyone for leaving him to suffer.

As he confronted his feelings to his pet dog his decay quirk activated for the first time. Killing his pet on accident. Just then his sister Hana came to apologize for not standing for him to their father only to see the dead dog. Horrified she runs away only to accidently killed by Tenko who tried to explain to her what happened.

Tenko's grandparents and mother ran outside to see what was happening and Tenko ended up killing them when his Decay Quirk spread in his panic. When Tenko's father came outside and saw the chaos, Tenko ran to him for help but his scared father would grab some garden tools to protect himself. This time, an enraged Tenko charged at his father with full intent to kill him and touched his face; ultimately the spreading decay ended up destroying the entire house. Tenko would relish in ending his father’s abuse.

Villain Costume

War of Discoveries(Prologue)[]

War of Discoveries: Rwby Campaign[]


League Of Villians[]

Cult Of The End[]

Salem's Faction[]

Cinder Fall[]

Tomura met Cinder during the beginning the of the Dust World campaign. Though he did not say a word to her he tasked his followers Dabi and Himiko Toga to assist her in her mission to the Kingdom of Vale. While also gathering blood for Toga to use in order to transform to their enemies in the future. Though it is unknown if he did this to help her or ulterior motives.

Powers and Abilities[]

Quirk []

Decay: Tomura's Quirk allows him to disintegrate whatever he touches with his hands. Whether the target is organic or not, it will work without fail. The disintegration will spread through their whole body if a victim doesn't amputate the decaying body part, as shown with Chisaki's arm. Tomura's control over his Quirk has improved over time, as its speed has become noticeably faster in subsequent usages.

  • However, Decay will only work when all five of his fingers touch the target, indicating that the activation of the Quirk isn't voluntary. As such, Tomura is often careful with his hands when touching objects he doesn't want to destroy. Because the Quirk has to touch a solid object in order to be activated, it is possible to counter it through manipulation of fluids or particles, such as Snatch's sand body.


  • Tomura's Japanese VA is Kōki Uchiyama who also voices Macbeth in Fairy Tail and Meruem in Hunter X Hunter.
  • Tomura's English VA is Eric Vale who also voices Sanji in One Piece, Loke in Fairy Tail, Fanzell Kruger in Black Clover.
  • Tomura shares the same birthday with Shirahoshi, Foxy, Jinta Hanakari, Tonbo Tobitake and Kurapika
  • Tomura serves as a dark parallel to Izuku. While Izuku seeks to become the greatest hero; Tomura seeks to become the greatest villain.