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Julius Novachrono, the Current Wizard King


Is the title held by the most powerful Magic Knight within the Clover Kingdom and is also the leader of Kingdom's Military. There has currently been 28 people who have held the title of Wizard Kings for 500 years in the Grimoire World.


The title was created in honor of the 1st Wizard King Lemiel Silvamillion Clover after defeating a Giant Demon and saving the Clover Kingdom. The Wizard King also holds near equal authority to the King or Queen of the Kingdom in terms duties and passing laws. Other duties consist of delegating missions to Knights, or personally going to the battlefield in an effort to defend the Kingdom against foreign invasions.


Achieving the title of Wizard King is an effort of high significance. It is because for every generation of Knights, only one mage could have the privilege of holding the title.

Candidates for succession []

Group Strength[]

Since there can only be one Wizard King, the person who holds this title to be acknowledged and recognized must be the most powerful mage in the Clover Kingdom after gaining results, rising up the ranks of the Magic Knights and building up a reputation through hard work and effort. Yami explained to Asta that in order to become Wizard King, the person will have to surpass all of the 9 Magic Knight Captains who are the strongest mages by their own right in the country and they answer to the Wizard King as their leader.

Julius as the Wizard King is able to effortlessly defeat and capture the Eye of the Midnight Sun members, hold his own against Patolli despite holding back to not harm William Vangeance's body the Elf leader inhabited, undo the country-scale barrage of Light Swords before it harmed the citizens of Clover Kingdom which led to his temporary death and loss of power upon revival, and after temporarily regaining his power, subdued Yakuma and his Bishops on spot.


The Wizard King is considered as the strongest mage that all Magic Knights respected the holder of the title for his merits and strength and they aspire to become the next Wizard King as competing rivals. The Magic Knight Captains follows the orders of the Wizard King and respects him too as their leader. People will usually address The Wizard King by Lord along with the number of succession.

The common people adored the Wizard King and preferred him as their ruler over King Augustus Kira Clover 13th, who is now a literal figurehead after being demoted and under house arrest. And the Wizard King is now the legit ruler of Clover Kingdom everyone wanted him to be.

The nobles has contempt for the Wizard King and seeks to replace Julius who had been depowered and de-aged at the time with a new one as their puppet if it weren't for Caligula Kira slaughtering them at the Magic Parliament court house.

Sojiro seeks out Julius because as Wizard King, he is the reasonable authority figure with the Magic Knight Captains under his command in the Grimoire World who can listen to his warning about the Cult of the End's threat to their world and would agree to help stop them compared to the arrogant, close-minded and prejudiced nobles of Clover Kingdom.

With the modified Time Seal, Julius has returned to his original age and power albeit for 15 minutes per day, and can back up his reputation as the Wizard King as he defeated Cardinal Yakuma and his three Bishops easily and healed the wounds of everyone across the Clover Kingdom with Time Magic.

Even the Matriarch from the Cult Of The End acknowledges the power of the Wizard King when he tried to attack her but states that he is no match for her power of Dispel after stopping his Time Magic attack nonchalantly.


  • It is implied that the title of Wizard King is gender-neutral for men and women in the Magic Knights to compete when rising up the ranks and gaining merits.