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The Four Emperors


The Four Emperors are some of the strongest and most notorious pirates in the Pirate World. Two of the Emperors are taking part in war, which are Shanks for the Alliance and Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard) for the Coalition. Charlotte Linlin and Kaido are remaining neutral after the defeat at the hands of Chitsujo who also threatened as well if the come near Dressrosa again.



  • Shanks(Captain of the Red Haired Pirates)(Alliance Leader)
  • Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard)(Captain of the Blakbeard Pirates)(Act of Chaos)(Former member of the Whitebeard Pirates)
  • Charlotte Linlin(Captain of the Big Mom Pirates)(Queen of Totto Land)(Former Member of the Rock Pirates)
  • Kaido(Captain of the Beasts Pirates)(Protectorate of Wano Country)(Former Member of the Rock Pirates)

Former Members[]

  • Edward Newgate(Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates)(Former Member of the Rock Pirates)

Group Strength[]

Each member of the group is considered to be the strongest of the Pirate World. As an entity, the Four Emperors are one of the three great powers, along side the Marines and the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Their strength and influence are such that they live quite literally as though they are emperors, doing mostly as they please. Individually, they are considered to be the most powerful pirates in the world, with devastatingly powerful and versatile Devil Fruit abilities, immense physical strength, endurance, and durability, and/or sheer mastery of Haki. Whitebeard, the first Emperor to display his full fighting prowess, even in his old age was considered to be the strongest man in the world. As Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard) is a member that make the other Four Emperors around the same strength as him and one of the few people that are one the level of the Acts Of Chaos.