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The Tenrou Arc is the 17th and final arc of the Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Saga Campaign as well as the 19th arc of the Five Worlds War Series. It focuses on the Alliance's efforts to defeat the Act of Chaos, Zeref, and bringing an end to the war campaign in Fiore so that the Alliance can move on to the remaining worlds.

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Chapter 144: The Last DayEdit

Chapter 145: Chitsujo vs AcnologiaEdit

Chapter 146: The Battle of Tenrou IslandEdit

Chapter 147: Buster CallEdit

Chapter 148: Sail OnEdit

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Chapter 150: OutliersEdit

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  • E.N.D retreats and joins the Coalition.
  • Chitsujo calls Raika to hold the western border of Ishgar, in case the Alvarez Empire attempts to take revenge.
  • In the Alvarez Empire, the Spriggan 12 decide to remain neutral with the war and keeping Zeref's disappearance a secret from the people.
    • August is proclaimed as Acting-Emperor, with his fellow Shields acting as co-rulers in secret.
    • The Spriggan 12 decide to prevent from the Crown Prince, Larcade Dragneel from taking the throne, due to his unstable mindset.
  • All of the Nine Dark Circles and the Seven Saint Warriors are officially revealed.
  • It is revealed that the mysterious woman at Hargeon during the beginning of the Arc is Anna Heartfillia, Lucy Heartfillia's Ancestor.
  • Igneel has been revealed to have been resurrected to fight for the Alliance and is reunited with his son Natsu.
  • It is decided that the next campaign will take place in the Pirate world.
  • This arc currently holds the record for most chapters, 25.

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