Captain Tashigi is a Marine officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G-5. She is also a supporting from Oda's One Piece Manga


Tashigi is known for being quite clumsy despite her skills with the sword. he is extremely interested in katanas, often identifying their names and origins on sight; even when in danger, she may be distracted by the presence of a famed blade. As such she takes great care of the swords in her care. Like most sword users she is quite reckless and brave when facing opponents even if the are stronger than her. This fighting spirit often turns into carelessness and has led to her defeat on several occasions such example during reunion with Zoro with on which she demanded a rematch and her challenging Erza Scarlet right away despite the latter being way stringer than her.

She also has a bit of a sore loser attitude to lose that she lost to demeaning them as looking down on her.

Unlike most Marines she does not follow that follow the path absolute Justice and she does not hesitate to fight in its defence. Her stated goal is to remove all Meito from the hands of those who would use them for their own selfish ambitions. Despite her distaste for pirates, Tashigi is willing to work with them and abandon her Marine pride if she deems it necessary for the greater good.

She also feels that as a Swordswoman she will she would be perceived as inferior to swordsmen by default, and she accused Zoro of refusing to cut her because of her gender.

She has slight black and white view on the other worlders such the Jinchuriki demeaning them as demons and no different than tailed beasts on which are sealed within them as such believes that they need to restrained.

History (One Piece Manga) Edit

Tashigi pre timeskip

Tashigi before the timeskip

Before Tashigi entering the Grand Line Tashigi as Master Chief Petty Officer in Logue Town under the command of Smoker. She encountered Roronoa Zoro after she defeated two pirates, dropping her glasses in process, Zoro was impressed by her skills, retrieved them for her, but when she thanked him, he was taken aback by how uncannily she resembled his long dead friend, Kuina.

She would encounter him again when she went to pick up her sword from the sword shop. She was shocked and impressed when he tested his luck against Sandai Kitetsu. On which he threw in the air and let the blade fall down towards his arm to see if it cut it off on it didn't. Afterwards she thought the latter was great swordsman.

Soon after she met up with Smoker and they head to execution platform were Monkey D. Luffy was about to be killed by Buggy.

Five World War : Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

Red Willow ArcEdit

Tashigi first battle in the war was the battle of Lake Willow, Were she encountered along with the rest of her unit encountered the 5th Division. She asked her commanding officer Smoker if the should attack them. Smoker replied that take to long cross and go around the lake. However Yukio Hans Vorarlberna had suggestion and created a platform in the middle of the lake with his Fullbring.

Tashagi along with rest of her unit used the platform that Yukio created to engage the 5th Division. she also helped her commander fight the shadow clones made by Naruto Uzumaki before herself and her commander encountered Naruto and Erza Scarlet.

Tashagi then addressed Erza and commenting on her abilities and commented that she wanted to face her one on one so she could one day defeat Roronoa Zoro. Tashigi then used Shave and attacked Erza. Who quickly blocked with her swords.

Nirvana ArcEdit



Red Willow Coalition UnitEdit


Acts Of OrderEdit

Naruto UzumakiEdit

Tashagi first encountered Naruto along with Erza Scarlet during the battle of Lake Willow. During her fight with Erza she felt energy of Kurama's chakra coming from his Tailed Beast Mode and comment if he was even Human which in turn earned a nasty glare and response from Erza.

5th DivisionEdit

Erza ScarletEdit

Tashagi first encountered her during the battle of red willow and right then challenged her to a fight. She got angry and annoyed when couldn't land or damage her and when erza questioned her loyalties to the World Government. After her defeat she now thinks that she, Roronoa Zoro and Trafalgar D. Water Law look down on her.

1st DivisionEdit

Roronoa ZoroEdit

She first met Zoro in Lounge Town were she helped him replace two swords he lost in a battle but after finding out that he was a pirate. She has held a grudge against him and what to defeat and take his swords believing that they shouldn't be in the hands off a criminal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tashigi is a skilled swordswoman, capable of defeating two pirates in Loguetown with little effort. She knows a lot about swords, as shown in the sword shop at Loguetown. She's also been seen carrying her sword on both her left and right side, suggesting that she's capable of comfortably drawing it with either hand.


Her in swordsmanship skills seem to have improved,
Tashigi Deflects Cannon Ball Post Timeskip

Tashagi deflects a cannon ball.

as she was able to precisely deflect an enemy cannonball with her katana in the same way Dracule Mihawk has deflected bullets.


  • Armament Haki: So far Tashagi has displayed this ability this Haki. Her skill is good enough that she was able to shatter Erza's swords. Though it wasn't strong to shatter Erza's strongest

Six PowersEdit

  • Shave: Allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power.
  • Tempest Kick:
    • Tempest Kick, Blade Variation Extended Reach:
    • Tempest Kick, Blade Variation Buzzsaw:
    • Tempest Kick, Blade Variation Autumn Rain Drizzle:
  • Sword Pistol:


Shigure (Destroyed):



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