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The Nine Tailed Beasts and Jinjuriki


Tailed Beasts are Immortal beings of Pure Chakra created around 1000 thousand years by the Sage of Six Paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki after Splitting the Chakra of 10 Tails and sealing his Mother Kaguya Otsutsuki. The Tailed Beasts have been sought out because their power and sealed inside humans that would be called Jinchuuriki given the human in question a variety abilities and large reserves of chakra. Though Tailed Beasts can die if the Jinnchuuriki host dies this is only temporary death and the beast will revive later on over time somewhere else. This in turn makes the Tailed Beasts practically immortal. Tailed Beasts also a great healing factor and if are badly damaged will progressively heal over time. Tailed Beasts are also genderless. If Tailed Beast's Chakra is split that part will also gain sentience and at on it's own until it is return whole. Exampling being Kurama who was split into his Yang half and Yin half. Who was split inside Naruto Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze restfully.


Tailed Beasts were to believed to beastly in nature incapable of the intelligence needed to fully utilize their immense chakra. Some Humans also believe that they are only useful when they sealed inside a person. Most Tailed Beasts had horrible relationships with theirJinchuuriki because of the way hey have treated by them as mere monsters or dumb beasts. When in fact that are meant to be treated as equals.


Because Tailed Beasts have Immense reserves of Chakra colored red — far greater than what most shinobi have they can also easily transfer their chakra to whomever they choose. The also great have a great healing factor as when they are hit with powerful enough attack. They will almost immediately heal from it. Making them almost impossible to put down.

When Tailed Beast is sealed inside a person it grants them several abilities such the abillty to transformation into their tailed beast and also grants them their immerse Chakra.

Tailed Beast Ball


Although only shown with Kurama, a tailed beast will become unconscious if they have lost all of their chakra, by either using it all, or having it drained from them.

List of Members[]


  • Tailed Beasts are second smallest populated race in the series with only 10 known members. The first being Katsuyu