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The Summit Invasion Arc is the 1st story arc in the Five Worlds War: Prologue and in the Five Worlds War series. It lasts from Chapter 1-10, and focuses on the invasion of Chitsujo's palace by a set of infiltrators. The events of this arc ultimately set off the series of events that is the Five Worlds War series, bringing together the heroes of the 5 worlds to make the Alliance and the villains to become the Coalition.

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Chapter 1: Beginnings Edit

Chapter 2: Messages From Beyond Edit

Chapter 3: Journey to the Summit Edit

Chapter 4: Five World Summit Edit

Chapter 5: Summit Invasion Edit

Chapter 6: Artistic Clash Edit

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Chapter 10: Asesinos Muertos Edit

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  • Konton has allowed the four worlds to interact and declares war on Chitsujo.
  • Chitsujo brings together emissaries and the Acts of Order to plan for war.
  • Shunsui Kyoraku, the 5 Kage, General Mifune, Red Hair Shanks, and the Guild Masters of prominent guilds all convene on the Five World Summit to discuss whether or not to go to war against Konton
    • Shanks, Sting Eucliffe, Mifune, and Reina Mikazuchi vote to go to war, the Five Kage and Ooba vote not to go to war, and Shunsui, Makarov, Goldmine, and Bob take a neutral stance

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