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Sojiro is one of the main protagonists of War of Discoveries. He member of the older generation of the Watcher's Race and best friend of Emperor Kaishi. He is the father of the now deceased Kyoko, grandfather of Ryuji and is also the adopted uncle of Heiko, Chitsujo and Konton.


Sojiro was born over 10,000 years ago during a time in Watcher's World known as the Warring Period. At some point his family adopted Kaishi who go to become a close ally, friend and brother.

At some point in their childhood during training Kaishi shared his dream with him about ending these constant wars and bringing peace to the world. He asked Sojiro tp help suggesting he become a teacher to help their new allies. Though Sojiro asked for time to think.

Not long after Sojiro's younger brother was killed by Lord of the Night as Warlord who was considered among greatest threats to their at the time in horrific attack on their town. After that Sojiro resolved to help Kaishi build his ideal world.

Over the time two gathered followers 5 among them would become Kaishi's Bodyguards. Sojiro task was train most these warriors in combat.

Eventually the warring period ended when Kaishi And Sojiro killed the Lord of the Night bringing peace to the world. Eventually they all go found the Kingdom of Menou.

Some point Sojiro fell in love and eventually married a woman named Mirashi on the which would later have a daughter called Kyoko.


Even though he is an old man, he is still very well built and muscular. He has pure white hair and a white beard with wrinkles on his face.


Sojiro comes off as a kind and grandfatherly individual to people who younger than him. Due to his age he holds much wisdom and experience as a teacher, as such many soldiers in the Menou's army still look to him for wisdom and refer to him as Grandmaster or Lord. He also regarded as a legendary and skilled warrior, not just for his fighting skills but his wisdom too, and he was considered as an advisor to his close friend Kaishi. He was respected and feared those outside Menou's borders as well.

Sojiro also knows how to take things seriously, as shown when found out that Cult Of The End were back he knew he had break the taboo of people in order to protect the worlds they are targeting.

Sojiro is a firm believer that children should be off the battlefield as he was firmly against idea of Class 1-A of possible joining the war, though he will however not stop them if their minds are set on it.

Sojiro is also a humble man as when he was diagnosed with disease that was slowly killing him. He accepted his fate and instead choose to become a traveler to leave one last legacy to his people. He is also aware he is not as strong he used to be as such is one of reasons he helping to form an alliance between these four new worlds.

He believes strongly in camaraderie between comrades and friends, as shown he applauded and praised the Black Bulls for coming to defend Asta during his trial, despite the trouble it would have imposed on them.

War of Discoveries(Prologue)[]

War of Discoveries(RWBY Campaign)[]


Kingdom of Menou[]

As veteran solider and former teacher in the Kingdom's academy he is well respected for wisdom and strength. So much that he is adopted nephew trusted him with important information. Even after he was diagnosed for incurable disease he remained vigilante wanting to serve for what remaining time he has left. Instead of retiring changed his career to that of a Traveler to help to discover new information and new worlds for his world's archives.


Being his Adopted Nephew and Student. Sojiro is loyal having severed as Headmaster and Teacher for Kingdom during reign, having teach him in combat as well and help recruit and train warriors for elite bodyguards the Seven Saint Warriors. He always there to listen him and give advice when needed. After Sojiro retired and became traveller, Chitsujo provided him with a team to help take care of him.


While it is unknown what Konton thinks of his Adopted uncle it is known that the latter was taught in combat along with his brother by him. Sojiro is saddened and disappointed in Konton's actions in starting the war with his brother and the way the latter treats his subjects.

Traveling Strike Force[]

As the leader and founder of the TSF, Sojiro commands great respect from all of its members. Starting with the group that were assigned to traveling with him, due to his reputation as one Menou's greatest legends, he is held in high regard by them. Along his travels, while warning of several worlds being currently targeted by the Cult Of The End, he has recruited a large amount of strong fighters to fight with him personally to fight the Cult head on. Sojiro has built a strong friendship with the TSF, as he takes the more younger members as his students and helps them grow, while with the older and more experienced members he treats with respect. He sometimes acts a grandfather figure to the younger members, giving them advice and help them through any issues they have.

Team RWBY[]

Ruby Rose[]

Even though he has just met Ruby the two developed a great trust in each other. Sojiro has taken the liberty of her life is in danger of seeing similarlties to his deceased daughter Kyoko and his adopted nephew Chitsujo. After returning with Izuku he then let her come with him to the Grimore World to help better train her in combat.

Weiss Schnee[]

Yang Xiao Long[]

Blake Belladonna[]

Class 1-A[]

Sojiro meet Class 1-A when the Cult Of The End attacked their city and saved them from a squad. Due to Izuku role as the future Symbol Of Peace, Sojiro took him under his wing to train him to fight the Cult Of The End. Initially, apart from Izuku, Sojiro didn't want to take the rest of the class with him, as they were school children, when they volunteered to fight the Cult. However, after pointing out they chose to fight villains before the Cult even came and showing respect for their resolve, Sojiro gave them a test to see if they are capable of fighting the Cult on the front lines. If the passed he would train, if not he would send them home. True to his word, and to his surprise they all passed. Sojiro is fond of the class because of their resolve to become heroes and their close friendship with each other. The class in turn respect Sojiro and hold his strength in high regard, they all (apart from Bakugo) refer to him as "Grandmaster" and take his teachings to heart.

Izuku Midoriya[]

Even though he has only known the latter for a short time, he has grown to respect his resolve and bravery even taking with him to the Grimore World to better train for the war ahead. Though the latter is confused over his hero worship, he has come to care greatly for him as well while also stating that Izuku reminds him so much about his late friend, Kaishi.

Ochaco Uraraka[]

Katsuki Bakugo[]

Black Bulls[]

For saving Asta and Secre from the Magic Parliament, the Black Bulls are extremely grateful to Sojiro, so much the made him (and his followers) an honorary member of their squad and agreed to fight with him against the Cult Of The End. Sojiro holds great respect for the squad for their camaraderie when they came in to help Asta and Secre against the Magic Parliament, despite the trouble it would place on them, so much he clapped and praised them.


Noelle Silva[]

Yami Sukehiro[]

Hunter Association[]

Gon Freecss[]

When Sojiro met the latter he infinitely lied to him that he and his group where from a dojo training. However once Gon found out his true purpose he offered to help him at first refused due the latter's young age and having lost his ability to use Nen, though he did accept his offer to lead the Hunter Association headquarters. However after seeing him his determined will to defend his Aunt Mito Freecss even though the odds were against him Sojiro restored his powers with a Time Seal and allowed to join the TSF as one of his students.



Sojiro and Ozpin have mutual respect for each other. He sympathized with him and understood why he kept Salem's Immortailty and his shared past with her a secret. Though he understands why he did so defended from the rest of his group's anger. The fought well together against the cult and despite only each for short have developed a great trust in each other. He appears to one the people will share ideas one what group's next move will be.

Toshinori Yagi[]

Julius Novachrono[]

Cult Of The End[]


Despite having not met her Sojiro feels sympathy and anger towards her in that he understood the sorrow upon losing her loved one comparing it to how he and his wife felt upon losing their daughter. He however was angered that Salem helped cause the destruction and downfall of the first humanity in her world.

Powers and Abilities[]

Sojiro is among the strongest of his race, but also one of the most experienced fighters in Menou. In his youth, he fought with Kaishi on his campaign from the start, having survive many battles in the war torn era of the Watcher World. Even in his old age and despite his claim of his strength diminishing, he is still a very powerful fighter.

Keen Intellect:

Master Teacher: Sojiro is a very knowledgeable and experienced trained teacher and instructor, as noted by Kaishi at a very young age. Having training recruits under Kaishi crusade, and later given the title Grandmaster of Menou, Sojiro has trained over every soldier of Menou for over several millennia, Sojiro has even trained the Seven Saint Warriors who are considered the strongest warriors in the Kingdom. Due to his experience, he can tell when he comes across someone who possess a strong will and potential, as shown when he meet Ruby Rose and her friends. Under his tutelage, all those he has recruited as his new students from the Dust, Quirk, Grimoire and Nen Worlds, in a few months they are now strong enough to overpower and defeat Acolytes and Deacons from the Cult of the End, whereas originally most of them they struggled and were nearly defeated by them in their first encounters.

Master Sensor:

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant:

Immense Strength:

Immense Endurance:

Immense Durability:

Vanishing Walk Master:

Immense Reki Power: During his youth Sojiro was known a skilled warrior who thought along side Kaishi. Though his power is weakening due to illness several members of the Cult of the End stil see him as a threat. His amount has aloud him to live a long lifespan of over 10,000 years.


Reinforcement: The power to increase his physical attributes at will.