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History (Hunter X Hunter Series )[]

War of Discoveries(Prologue)[]


Powers and Abilities[]

Being a world-renowned assassin and head of the infamous Zoldyck Family, Silva is an extremely skilled Nen user and unarmed combatant, as he was trained in the art of assassination from a very young age. Like many Zoldyck Family members, Silva is extremely resistant to poison and has great strength, speed, and superhuman control over his body. He also defeated and killed an unknown member of the Phantom Troupe three years prior to the start of the main story, and dueled against Chrollo to an unknown result.

Assassination skills: Silva is one of the best killers in the world. According to Killua, he can tear out the heart of a person without dropping a single blood drop.

Immense Strength: Silva has tremendous physical strength, as demonstrated when he fell from the sky, crushing Cheetu's head with a single blow and creating a large crater while taking no damage himself. During his fight with Chrollo his punch, although blocked, retained enough power to cause the Phantom Troupe leader to lose his balance.

Immense Speed: Killua mentioned that he could rip out somebody's heart so fast that it would not even bleed. He matched Zeno and Chrollo in speed during their confrontation.

Enhanced Durability: Silva's skin cannot be pierced by ordinary blades. His hair is strong enough to act as a tourniquet.

Immense Poison Resistance: Poison is ineffective against Silva, as seen when Chrollo attempted to poison him by cutting him with his Ben's Knife, Silva popped the poison out of the cut and resumed fighting with apparently no consequence, although he deemed necessary the application of a tourniquet. Chrollo himself was surprised because 0.1 milligrams of the toxin he used is enough to paralyze a whale.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Silva is capable of gouging out a man's heart with his bare hands and at an impressive speed, Killua claiming he can do so without spilling a drop of blood from the wound. He fights using both his arms and legs, harnessing the full strength of his body. When in tandem with Zeno, he puts all his power in his blows at the expense of leaving himself open, knowing that his father will cover him.


Silva is a Transmuter who can emit his aura in two large orbs of frightening power, The fact that he killed Cheetu at close range while creating a large explosion and taking no damage himself, strongly indicates that Silva has also mastered Enhancement.

  • Explosive Orbs: Silva can create two huge spheres out of his aura, one in each hand, which he then hurls at the target. Upon impact, the orbs cause a massive explosion that can devastate the floor of a building. They were said to be able to kill two Nen masters like Zeno and Chrollo with a direct hit.