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History (Hunter X Hunter Series)[]

War of Discoveries:???[]


Powers and Abilities[]

As a Royal Guard, Shaiapouf is one of the four most powerful Chimera Ants in Meruem's colony. Colt believed him to be capable of defeating Chairman Netero, considered the world's strongest Hunter in his prime and by some the most powerful Hunter even in his old age. Although Shaiapouf is endowed with superhuman strength and durability, his main weapons are his Nen abilities, the capacity to fly at high speed, and his aptitude for manipulation. Coupled with Beelzebub, his physiology allowed him to survive with only a fraction of his original body mass after donating 6/7ths of his cells to the King. However, this caused his power to drop considerably.


  • Shaiapouf's Japanese VA is Wataru Hatano who also voices Gajeel Redfox in Fairy Tail, Hitoshi Shinsou in My Hero Academia. Harutoki , Grim Reaper, Bohaha to 4 and Shinigamie in Bleach.
  • Shaiapouf's English VA is Chris Niosi who also voices Rung in Fairy Tail.