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The Red Willow Arc is the 7th arc of the Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign Saga, and the 9th Arc of the Five Worlds War Series. It lasts from Chapters 36-45, and it is focused on the 5th Division confronting the Coalition army, at Red Willow, led by Vice-Admiral Smoker, and among his unit, is one of the revived jinchuriki's.

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Chapter 36: The Battle of Red Willow Edit

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  • The 5th Division marches towards Red Willow
  • Vice Admiral Smoker is revealed to be the Unit Commander
  • Erza Knightwalker is defeated by Shinji Hirako and captured.
    • It is revealed that she is indoctrinated
  • Yukio Hans Vorarlberna is captured.
  • Byro is defeated by Killer B and captured.
    • It is revealed that he is indoctrinated
  • Yugito Nii is revealed to be one of the Jinchuuriki resurrected and indoctrinated by Konton.
    • Matatabi is resealed inside of Yugito.
    • Yugito is forced into her Tailed Beast State against her will and goes on a rampage in the Red Willow against the 5th Division.
    • More of Yugito's past is revealed, how her mother abandoned her when she was having trouble controlling Matatabi's power.
    • Yugito is placed into a coma as a result of her attempt to resist Konton's commands
  • Naruto and a fragment of Konton face off in the jinchuuriki mental world
  • The Edolas Realm was attacked by two of Konton's Nine Dark Circles, Itan and Yoku
    • Most of the Edolas Fairy Tail is confirmed to be dead, with the exception of Lucy Ashley and Natsu Dragion.
    • King Jellal is confirmed to be alive, but with serious injuries.
    • This is the first arc where and Act of Order has faced off against Konton
    • This is also the first arc where Konton's elites, the Nine Dark Circles appear.
      • In order of appearance: Midarana, Itan and Yoku.
  • Chapter 43 "Naruto vs Konton" is the third chapter labeled with "vs" between two characters.

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