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Rebecca as a child

Rebecca as a child

Rebbeca was born to the former crown Princess Scareltt and former criminal turned and former captain of the royal guard Kyros in the kingom of Dressrosa. She lived a peacefully life with her family in a cottage just outside of the kingdom. Rebecca used to pick flowers together with her mother and then sell them in town. She spent time with her grandfather the king Riku Dold III and her aunt Viola who would visit once in while.

However that came to end when the Donquixote Pirates invaded and framed the King on which they saw the palace burring her father went to see what was happening telling hem to wait their. However they were later both attacked Diamante leading a group of armed men but were thankfully saved by Thunder Soldier who was her father actually turned into a toy Sugar's devil fruit on which also caused all memories about to be erased from her mind.

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