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In her youth Porlyuscia was originally from Edolas
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Porlyuscia in her youth

but somehow sent to Wizard World/Earthland. She was then found and helped by Makarov Dreyar and became fascinated with Earth Land, so much so that she denied every chance she had to return to her home world. She became and remained a member of Fairy Tail for a time, forming a team alongside Makarov, Yajima, Goldmine, Bob, and Rob. However, she eventually left the guild and adopted a hermit lifestyle in the forest outside Magnolia. However she remained loyal to her guild and eventually became guild's Medical advisor.

Around the time that Erza Scarlet had joined the guild Makarov brought her so she could replace her lost right eye. which she had lost in the Tower of Heaven, with an artificial one. That time, Porlyusica also learned that Rob was the one who taught Erza about Fairy Tail, and that he had died. Her treatment on Erza was successful for the most part, though she noticed that something was wrong after seeing that Erza could only cry out of her real eye. However, Erza laughed it off, saying she had already shed half of her tears anyway.

At some point afterwards Porlyuscia met her earthland counterpart Grandeeney who bestowed to her spells to give to her daughter that she herself didn't teach her. Porlyusica promised her counterpart to give the instructions to the young Dragon Slayer if she ever met her.

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She encountered her when Coalition Bomb Squad attacked the 2nd Division when her Isene tried to get away from her. She insulted by calling her an old hag. Which Polrlyusicia responded by calling a disrespectful brat.

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Porlyusia is skilled healer especially wounds caused by Magic, earning her the epithet of the "Healing Wizard". She seems to do so by employing special medicines, which she extracts from herbs. Her skills are great enough was able to save Makarov Dreyar life while he was on the verge of death. As such her skills were great enough to earn the rank of Captain in the Medcial Division.


Despite having no magic Porlyusica capable sensing magic power.

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