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Penny was created several years ago by Pietro Polendina as the first artificial being capable of generating an Aura. He did this by giving a part of his Aura to her. In this turn gave Penny a soul and the latter to treat her as a daughter. James Ironwood was impressed and decided to present her at the 40th Vytal festival tournament in the Kingdom of Vale

Not long after arriving in Vale Penny wonder off to explore the city. Weiss Schnee accidently knocks her over while she and her team were chasing Sun Wukong.

She greets them while still lying on the ground and remains there until Yang Xiao Long prompts her to get up and introduce herself to Team RWBY. They are all a bit weirded out by her mannerisms and begin leaving, with Ruby Rose off-handedly calling her "friend" as a parting gesture.


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