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Pakura is a famed Sunagakure kunoichi during her lifetime.


History (Naruto Manga) Edit

Pakura killed

Pakura first death

Pakura was Jonin-sensei of Maki during her life. At some point during exploits she became known as the Hero of the Sand. She was sent on a negotiation mission to the Hidden Mist Village but was betrayed and killed in ambush they set Rasa and higher-ups pinned the blamed of the Hidden Rock Village.

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She seems to have a good opinion of wizards so far. Thinking they are a peaceful bunch and kind hearted. Even commenting that if only the Shinobi of her world listened their hearts more instead of thinking less of national pride, their world would've been a lot more peaceful.

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Nature Transformation'Edit

Scorch Release(灼遁, Shakuton, Viz: Scorch Style)
Scorch Release

Pakura using : Scorch Release.

: is a nature transformation Kekkei Genkai called Scorch Release. It is made of Fire and Wind Chakra to create a scorching heat the is capable of heating an enemy to point were the water inside their body evaporates killing them and leaving as a dried up corpse.
  • Scorch Style: Fiery Rain:
  • Scorch Style: Dragon Breath Jutsu:
  • Scorch Style: Dragon Flame Meteor:
  • Scorch Style: Streaming Death:
  • Scorch Style: Super Stream Kill: