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It truly pains me to fight Children once again, but I have no choice Chapter 8:Yin and Yang, Five World War, Fairy Tail Campaign


Pakura is a famed Hidden Sand kunoichi during her lifetime.


Pakura despite being a ruthless fighter in battle is against fighting people she considers children. She is quite loyal to village as such it hurt her that they betrayed her which led to her death. She believed that loyalty for friends, family and village makes a shinobi strong.

History (Naruto Manga)[]

Pakura first death

Pakura was Jonin-sensei of Maki during her life. At some point during exploits she became known as the Hero of the Sand. She was sent on a negotiation mission to the Hidden Mist Village but was betrayed and killed in ambush they set Rasa and higher-ups pinned the blamed of the Hidden Rock Village.

Five World War Fairy Tail Campaign[]

Aster Mountains Arc[]

Mount Hokabe Arc[]







She seems to have a good opinion of wizards so far. Thinking they are a peaceful bunch and kind hearted. Even commenting that if only the Shinobi of her world listened their hearts more instead of thinking less of national pride, their world would've been a lot more peaceful.

Eustass Kidd[]

Cana Alberona[]

Upon first meeting her quite surprised at drunkard personality believing it was irresponsible of her. She was quite surprised and when she try to capture rather kill and complimented on her battle skills in leading her to trap.


Power and Abilities[]


Nature Transformation'[]

Scorch Release(灼遁, Shakuton, Viz: Scorch Style)

Pakura using : Scorch Release.

: is a nature transformation Kekkei Genkai called Scorch Release. It is made of Fire and Wind Chakra to create a scorching heat the is capable of heating an enemy to point were the water inside their body evaporates killing them and leaving as a dried up corpse.

  • Scorch Style: Fiery Rain:
  • Scorch Style: Dragon Breath Jutsu:
  • Scorch Style: Dragon Flame Meteor:
  • Scorch Style: Streaming Death:
  • Scorch Style: Super Stream Kill: