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Ozpin was born millions of years ago as member of the first race of humanity. At the time he was called Ozma. He was courageous warrior who though truth and Justice and was consider pure of heart. He at one point rescued Salem a princess who had been locked in a tower by her cruel father. After the two escaped together, they fell in love and planned to spend the rest of their lives with each other traveling the world and going on adventures. However, Ozma soon fell ill and succumbed to his sickness.

Salem travelled to Domain of Light and begged for the God Of Light to bring back his love but he refused, Salem then went to Land of Darkness and asked the God of Darkness taking care not to mention her visit with his elder brother. Pleased with her apparent loyalty, the God of Darkness rewarded her by bringing Ozma back from the dead, who responded to his sudden resurrection with great distress and confusion. However, at that moment, the God of Light intervened and returned Ozma to the afterlife to preserve balance, only for his brother to revive him again. Salem had turned the Gods against each other, and as such the God of Darkness destroyed Ozma once more as punishment. The gods then cursed Salem with Immortality as punishment.

After the Gods destroyed the first humanity for their uprising against them by manipulation of Sa;em and left Remnant. The God of Light summoned him and offered him a chance to return to the land of the living to act as a guide and protector for the new Humans. He also charged Ozma with protecting the newly-created Relics. However he at first refused as he wanted to wait for Salem. The God told him however the she stilled but the was a different person from what he remembered and that he would find suffering with her. The God of Light explained that until Ozma's task was complete, he would reincarnate by joining his own soul with that of another like-minded individual to ensure he would never be alone. Ozma accepted and returned to the world in a new incarnation.

Upon returning to the world he discovered that he was one of only known wielders of Magic. He reincarnated as man in the midst of a Grimm attack. The man was confused and lost but used Ozma's knowledge to defend himself.

He travelled discovering that humanity now shared the world with race called the Faunus. He also heard tales of the ''Witch'' and travelled to her secluded cottage believing it to be Salem. Upon meeting her again the two happlily reunited and their love blossom again.

The two then told each other about had happened to each other though Ozpn kept his promise to God of light anf the Relics a secret.

Salem then convinced him that as the only two wield magic and their respective curses prevented them from dying that they could become the new Gods of the world and create a paradise that they failed to create.

Not long afterwards saving a village a Grimm Attack the people then began to worship them this following then eventually became a prosperous Kingdom and the two eventually married and started a family.

However Salem methods of expandingthe Kingdom were consider to brutal. Ozma began to show doubts. After discovering that their daughters were capable of wielding magic, Ozma revealed his secrets to Salem and realized that the God of Light was right in that she was no longer the woman he originally fell in love with.

One night he tried to escape with his daughters however Salem discovered this and the two engaged ferocious battle, destroying their home and claiming the lives of their children in the process. Salem flipped Ozma on his stomach after he tried crawling to safety and stomped a foot on his chest. She condemned him for choosing his promise to the Gods over their family and love and burned him alive, and the centuries-long feud between the two former lovers began.

Through out many of lives he spent in mourning and drinking trying to forget the horrors of the past however evenutally decided that duty to fulfil and realized that only to achieve it was the he had to destroy Salem.

At least one of his incarnations had a family and it was during this time that he built The Long Memory.

Eventually, Ozma sought out the Relic of Knowledge and asked Jinn how he could destroy Salem, only to be told that he could not, leading him to lose hope.

In a particular life he lived alone in cottage deep in the woods at some point he was visited by four women who gave a kindness and help his motive to continue on living. As a gift he gave each a large portion of Magic power so that may do more and continue to help others the Four would become first Maidens.


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Sojiro Edit

Ozpin was at first weary of Sojiro and his followers. However after Sojiro defend his actions on lying about Salem's immortality. Having sympathized with him due have similar experiences. The also get along due both being teachers and respective leaders of their groups and grew to respect one another working well to together in battle.

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The Long Memory

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Ozpin through out most of his lifetimes has regarded as strong, capable and wise warrior. Being one of the few humans with Magic he has consider the only person that rival Salem. During particular lifetime his was strong enough that he was consider a god. Ozpin is a capable strategist and leader. He has the ability to persuade even volatile personalities to cooperate with his plans and knows the right balance of firmness and kindness to get the desired results from his subordinates.

Magic Edit

Reincarnation: Due accepting the task of uniting humanity for Gods he has been given the power reincarnate. This ability causes his soul to attach to a new like-minded host when his previous body is destroyed, the two merging memories and abilities over time until only a single soul remains. Due to this Ozpin can truly be killed.


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