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Five Worlds War: The Invincible Gladiator by Darkmachines[]

The four Act of Order much fight together to face one of the most powerful Arrancar of all time. Skullak Tuma the Leader of the Privaron and the former Leader of the First Generation of Espada too. The Acts of Order much fight together and user all their power again an Arrancar that been alive over 1000 of year and learn a new power that was high then a Segunda Etapa. The most glorious battle of all time will be exciting, shocking, and very emotional too. The way of Honor is the path to a Honorable end.

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Five Worlds War: The Machine Invasion by Darkmachines []

One of the SternRitter has take over the Capital of Fiore. Now it up to the Alliance to free the Capital along with save Princess Husui from the powerful SternRitter and his Army of Machines and Living Robots. Currently on Hiatus.

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Five Worlds War: The Maiden of the God Slayers By Hewhoknows12[]

The war in Fiore might be over. But a Dark Secret from Earthland's past threatens to stop the Alliance advancement to the next world. It's up for the Acts of Order to journey to Pergrande Kingdom to stop this threat. Will they succeed ? You will just have to read and find out

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Five World War: The Eclipsing Shadow by Darkmachines[]

Sagi's newest creation as been unleashed on the Sea of the Pirate World. With three Fleet already fighting to destroy a powerful Barrier, the only two remaining Fleet must work together to stop this Powerful Weapon and defeat the powerful Unit that controls it too. Current on Hiatus.

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Five Worlds War: Other Tales By Hewhoknows12[]

Ever wonder the Alliance does in their spare time well join us as take on their tales and crazy adventures.

Upcoming Fanfics[]

Five Worlds War: Bounty Hunters: Powerful Arrancar Teams of Mercenaries and Warriors have target the Five Fleet to collect everyone Bounties. Can the Allies defeat this powerful Arrancars or will they be defeat and turn in?

Five Worlds War: Kaiju Unleash: Powerful Monsters have been revived and unleashed on the Allies. Can the top Allies members be able to defeat this powerful and Ancient Monster?

Five Worlds War: Robot Masters: Revived and Rebuild anew, the Powerful Robot Masters have return to fight the Allies forces. Can the Heroes defeat and save the Robot Masters or will their new program be the down fall of the Allies forces?