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Oracion Seis is Dark Guild that was founded by Brain/Zero when he took five former child slaves from the Tower of Heaven who had the highest Magic power and raised them to become his subordinates. He also used them as Keys with Organic Link Magic to seal his more sinister side, Brain.

Eventually the Guild became strong enough to be recognized as one of the Three Most Powerful Dark Guilds in Ishgar. They then formed an Non-aggression pact with Grimore Heart and Tartoros that would be called Ballem Alliance and allowed them to govern the lesser Dark Guilds. With Oracion Seis know for having the most under it's command.

At some point they set sights on unleashing the magic weapon Nirvana, an ancient weapon that can turn people from good to evil and vise versa. However the efforts were stopped by alliance made between Fairy Tail. Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter. The members were then thrown in prison by the Magic Council.



Relationship with the CoalitionEdit

List of WizardsEdit

Oración Seis members

Oración Seis members

Former MembersEdit

  • Kinana(Defected to the Fairy Tail Guild )


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