Nirvana also known as the Magic of Reversal and the main setting of the Arc.

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The Nirvana Arc is the 16th arc of the Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Saga Campaign and the 18th Arc of the Five Worlds War Series.

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Chapter 129: The Battle of Nirvana Edit

Chapter 130: The Heart of DarknessEdit

Chapter 131: City of HellEdit

Chapter 132: The Power GapEdit

Chapter 133: Thus The Scales TipEdit

Chapter 134: Tip BackEdit

Chapter 135: Because We Have ToEdit

Chapter 136: Rage Edit

Chapter 137: Duty Edit

Chapter 138: Granz's Madhouse Edit

Chapter 139: From Six Edit

Chapter 140: To Zero Edit

Chapter 141: Reaching Nirvana Edit

Chapter 142: Ichigo vs Naruto Edit

Chapter 143: Light and Darkness Edit

Story Impact Edit

  • Ichigo is revealed to still have his Hollow and Quincy powers, regaining them after Yhwach's first death
  • Tashigi reveals that Naruto Uzumaki has earned 500,000,000 berries with the epithet "Demon Fox"
    • His bounty is the same as Monkey D. Luffy's after the Dressrosa Saga of One Piece
  • Ichigo is confronted by his rival Macbeth, who is later revealed to be indoctrinated.
  • Ichigo faces Macbeth a second time and emerges victorious.
  • Ultear Mikovich returns in her younger form due to Chitsujo, and joins the Alliance.
  • Shino Aburame kills Machvise.
  • Yoruichi finds and frees Soifon.
  • Yoruichi faces and defeats Orochimaru.
  • Kinkaku kills Yumichika Ayasegawa.
    • An enraged Kenpachi Zaraki defeats the Gold and Silver brothers
    • Kinkaku, in his own thoughts, reveals Kenpachi is Number 9 on the Coalition Blacklist
    • Yumichika's Zanpakuto is stolen by the Gold and Silver Brothers
  • The Shatter Squad succeeds in destroying the six lacrima inside Nirvana
    • It is revealed that a seventh lacrima was added to Nirvana, and was guarded by Gecko Moria
  • Ichigo confronts and defeats Moria.
  • The Nirvana cannon fires into the sky, but is stopped by Chitsujo.
  • Naruto is struck by Nirvana influence.
  • Naruto attacks and fights Ichigo in an intense battle, which ends in a draw.
  • Chapter 142 "Ichigo vs Naruto" is the sixth chapter labeled with "vs" between two characters.

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