History (Bleach Manga) Edit

Young Nemu

Nemu as a child

Nemu was created as daughter by Mayuri Kurotsuchi as the seventh incarnation of Nemu Project which he did by using the combination Gigai and Artificial Souls technology. The project was aimed to create new souls from "Konpaku cells". When Nemu was a child, she told Akon that Mayuri did not call her by the original designation that he had given her, surprising him.

Five World War: Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

At some point before the war Nemu was resurrected by Chitsujo to help in the war effort for the Alliance. She was placed as a soldier in the Intelligence Division.

Mercurius Prison Break ArcEdit

Nemu was ordered by Mavis Vermillion to help Arcadios escort Toma. E Fiore and Hisui E. Fiore to the safe room during the attack on Crocus.

After the battle she offered to stay behind in the safe room with Hisui while Toma went to meet with the Alliance Leaders on what happened.

Hisui tried to engage in friendly conversation with Nemu. When Toma and Arcadios was out of ear shot she told Hisui that her master Mayuri Kurotsuchi wished to her. She processed to give her a Hell's Butterfly and then handed notes of what her master required of the princess.

Taxes ArcEdit

Nemu along Hibiki Lates, Shiho and Haredas were assigned to investigate on who sabotaging the Alliance food supply.



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Power and AbilitiesEdit

High Spiritual Power: Being a lieutenant of the Gotei 13, Nemu boasts a high amount of spiritual energy.


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