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Young Nanao

Nanao as a child

Nanao is the daughter of Shunsui Kyoraku's deceased older brother and her mother was the former of the entire female Ise Clan. As a young girl, she overheard her mother entrusting the House's Zanpakutō, Shinken Hakkyōken, to Shunsui. After her mother pass away Nanao was adopted by an elderly couple who relatives of her clan and at some point later she entered the Soul Reaper Academy were she excelled in Kidō. Despite being unable to imprint on her Asauchi. During her tenure at the academy, Nanao saw Shunsui visiting the headmaster and recognized his hairpins as being identical to those belonging to her mother.

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High Spiritual Power: Being a lieutenant of the Gotei 13, Nanao boasts a high spiritual energy.

Kidō Expert: Nanao is skilled enough to perform low- and mid-level spells without incantation. Nanao claims she was appointed to her position as lieutenant solely due to her ability in Kidō. She is skilled enough to easily create intricate and advanced spells like Hakudan Keppeki within a small amount of time when given the right information. She was also skilled enough to quickly create a new seemingly more powerful hexagonal barrier to stop Haschwalth, despite stating it looks weaker, which he complemented her even more for because he would have to resort to a more violent method to break through it. As a student in the Shin'ō Academy, Nanao specialized in and focused on Kidō because she was unable to imprint on her Asauchi, allowing her to graduate with her Kidō grades alone.

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