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Mr. 5 was formerly the lowest-ranked officer agent in Baroque Works along with his partner, Miss Valentine. He now works as a fireman at the new Spiders Cafe alongside most of his former colleagues.


History (One Piece manga)[]

Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign[]



Ms. Valentine[]

Coalition Bomb Squad[]


Bambietta Basterbine[]



Monkey D. Luffy[]


Powers and Abilities[]

Mr 5 is member of the once proud and famous bounty hunter group known as Barque Works as such he skilled in art of killing. He particularly always partnered with Ms. Valentine. As such because of his experience he was chosen to be a member of the Coalition Bomb Squad. He able to keep with Samui well trained Jonin of the Hidden Cloud.

Devil Fruit Powers[]

Bomb Bomb Fruit

Bomb Bomb Fruit: is Paramercia type devil fruit. That allows its user to turn any part of his body into a bomb.

  • Nose Fancy Cannon (鼻空想砲 (ノーズファンシーキャノン) Nōzu Fanshī Kyanon?): An effective technique despite Zoro considering it disgusting, Mr. 5 digs a dried mucus out of his nose and flicks it at the opponent. The snot explodes on contact with the opponent and creates a surprisingly large blast.
  • Breeze Breath Bomb (そよ風息爆弾 (ブリーズ・ブレス・ボム) Burīzu Buresu Bomu?): Mr. 5 blows into the chambers of a revolver pistol, then fires his breath as invisible exploding bullets.
  • Twin Breeze Breath Bomb:
  • Stomping Ground Bomb:
  • Handy Bomb:


Mr. 5 holds a two new model pistol from South Blue, a flintlock .44 caliber 6 shot revolver(フリントロック式44口径6連発リボルバー Furintorokku Shiki Yonjūyon Kōkei Rokurenpatsu Riborubā?), which has rapid-fire capabilities. This pistol is used for Mr. 5's Breeze Breath Bomb, in which he breathes into the flintlock's chambers, and then empties all six rounds at his opponents quickly. He preferred to use this weapon only for tougher situations.


  • Mr. 5's Japanese VA is Masaya Takatsuka who also voices Johnny, Mr. 4, Van Auger, Gedatsu, Yokozuna, Jabra, Gyro, Devil Dias and Vista in One Piece. Vetto in Black Clover.
  • Mr 5's English VA is Andrew Love who also voices Akainu, Camus and Kumadori. Protobe Collina in Black Clover. Mr Plastic in My Hero Academia.
  • Mr. 5 shares the same birthday as Mereoleona Vermillion