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Mt. Hakobe, the Main Setting of the Arc

Introduction Edit

The Mt. Hakobe Arc is the 14th arc of the Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign Saga, and the 16th Arc of the Five Worlds War Series. It lasts from Chapters 103-114, and it is focused on the 4th Division second biggest battle in their risky attempt to drive out the Coalition army, occupying Mount Hokabe.

Plot Summery Edit

Chapter 103: The Battle of Mt Hokabe Edit

Chapter 104: Fight to the Top Edit

Chapter 105: Primal Fury Edit

Chapter 106: The Man in the Shadows Edit

Chapter 107: Survival of the Fittest Edit

Chapter 108: Universal Corruption Edit

Chapter 109: Memories and Legacies Edit

Chapter 110: Push Edit

Chapter 111: Bloody Summit Edit

Chapter 112: Zero Edit

Chapter 113: Blossom in the Wind Edit

Chapter 114: The Right Thing to Do Edit

Story Impact Edit

  • Baraggan Louisenbairn is revealed to be the Unit Commander
  • The Jupiter Squad is formed in order to quickly and efficiently strike down the Mount Hakobe forces from a distance using the remains of the Jupiter Cannon.
    • After being struck by Baraggan's Gran Rey Cero, Azlack and Bisca Conell are the only survivors of the Jupiter Squad.
  • Sol is killed by Yasopp.
  • Aria is killed by Byakuya Kuchiki.
  • Shamon is revealed to be resurrected, and joined the Coalition of his free will in order to remodel the Hidden Sand as he sees fit
  • Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi, and Kin Tsuchi are revealed to be resurrected and demonized by Tartoros
  • Totomaru, Pakura, Chiyo and Shamon, the 2nd Kazekage are captured by the Alliance.
  • Uryu Ishida is revealed to be Number 30 on the Coalition Blacklist.
  • This Arc marks the disbandment of the Phantom Lord Guild. With it's prominent members being killed (Aria and Sol) or captured (Jose and Totomaru), or leaving the guild (Gajeel and Juvia), there is no one left with the means or the power to become the next Guild Master
  • Zeref makes an unexpected deal with Chitsujo via Lacrima Crystal: if the Alliance can take Magnolia on their first try, then Zeref will reveal his location. If they cannot however, Chitsujo must surrender himself to the Coalition as a prisoner of war, to which Chitsujo agrees.

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