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Momo was born to famous wealthy Hero Family. She gained a powerful quirk result. Due to growing a wealthy yet strict family

she had access to various objects to study and practice within her home as a child, with the Russian matryoshka dolls being her favoured tool for Quirk training

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Momo is a recommended student, which implies that she must have a very good level of skill. Her abilities earned her 1st place in the Quirk Apprehension Test, an impressive feat considering almost all her classmates had at least one superhuman result and the end result was cumulative of all eight tests. Even if she's not the strongest student around, Momo can hold her own against stronger opponents, such as Fumikage Tokoyami, for short period of time, and can sometimes do so without injuring herself.



Creation in use

: Momo allows to create various Tools and Weapons from her a exposed part of her body. Apart from living things, Momo has the potential to replicate virtually any object, no matter how complex or advanced its structure may be. She only requires to understand the atomic configuration of said object in order to reproduce it. She first imagines the necessary parts, followed by the materials, then the assembling process and, finally, the coating. Momo's creations emerge from her body with a reddish glow and are otherwise no different from the regular objects they are based of, although she can customize the materials that form their composition, giving them whole new properties. Momo also does not need to completely dispense a creation from her body either, having the choice to materialize only half or more of its functional structure, while the rest remains within her person. This allows her to quickly maneuver said creation or herself around, or if both her hands are currently occupied with some other task. Momo's body is what is used to help create the material which her body it breaks down at a molecular level, which will then be re-used as material for her to shape into objects with her Quirk. Because of this people have pointed it is similar to how poop works much her dismay. It also allows her to have a huge appetite. Depending on the size of object relates to the amount of she has to create.

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