Mercuruis, The Main setting of the Arc

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The Mercurius Prison Break Arc is the 9th arc of the Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign Saga, and the 11th Arc of the Five Worlds War Series. It lasts from Chapter 56-63, it is focused on the breakout attempt of the captured Coalition soldiers, and at the same time a squad of Coalition assassins sent to kill their captured comrades, all orchestrated by Konton. And the Defense and Intelligence Division are caught in the middle.

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Chapter 56: Mercurius Prison Break Edit

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Chapter 62: Mavis vs Yukio Edit

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  • Konton instructs Yukio Hans Vorarlberna to break out of Mercurius Prison.
  • Yukio tries to perform a reverse Kako summon to call Zeref, but accidentally summons Seilah.
  • Ikaruga is captured after her defeat by Kisuke Urahara
  • Kagura returns from her Haki training and confronts Mangetsu once again, with a wooden training sword.
    • This time, she is victorious due to a combination of her Haki and Mangetsu's inability to properly wield two of the Seven Swords of the Hidden Mist at once properly.
  • The Coalition Blacklist is officially revealed
    • A, the fourth Raikage, is revealed to be Number 14
    • Gaara is revealed to be Number 16
    • Tsunade is mentioned as being higher than Gaara, but not in the Top 10
    • Monkey D. Dragon is revealed to be Number 6
  • Chapter 62 "Mavis vs Yukio" is the fifth chapter labeled with "vs" between two characters.

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