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History (Hunter X Hunter Series)[]

War of Discoveries:???[]


Powers and Abilities[]

As a Chimera Ant Royal Guard, Menthuthuyoupi is an immensely powerful being. Colt believed him to be capable of defeating Chairman Netero, considered the world's strongest Hunter in his prime and by some the most powerful Hunter even in his old age. He was able to fight Shoot, whom he put in critical condition in less than 20 seconds of combat, Knuckle and Meleoron at the same time, with them having prepared tactics in advance and also receiving help from Morel and Killua, and had the chance to kill the former four while suffering next to no damage from their attacks, although they came close to forcing him into a state of Zetsu through Hakoware. According to him, none of the members of the Extermination Team he encountered had so much as a tenth of his raw power. He is such a fearsome opponent that Meleoron believed Hakoware to be the only chance the Extermination Team had to beat him. In his original form, he relied on his shapeshifting ability, a possible heritage of his Magical Beast genes, tremendous brawn and durability in battle. His fighting style changed after his first transformation, leading to him making use of his speed and blade-like arm as his primary means of offense. After donating most of his cells to Meruem, he was forced into a much smaller form with little combat potential.


  • Menthuthuyouoi's Japanese VA is Fumihiko Tachiki who also voices Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach, Gatsu in Bleach.
  • Methuthuyouoi's English VA is Joshua Tomar who voices Johness and Togari.