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Is one of the Three powers of the Pirate World, alongside the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the The Four Emperors. They are the main military force of the World Government.


The Organization has rank based with Fleet Admiral being the highest rank and has total control of the organization. The fleet admiral and the three admirals are the only ones within the Marines capable of legally initiating a Buster Call, as well as granting World Government agents or lower ranking Marines the right to do so. Next rank is Admiral who are consider second in command. the third highest rank in the Marines are the Vice Admirals. These officers can have varying duties and amounts of authority. For example, one vice admiral, John Giant, is seen to have some special authority, as he was the first in the entire Marine Headquarters to receive the report of the Buster Call and could also evidently command other vice admirals to dispatch. There are always at least five vice admirals sent with a Buster Call fleet.


Relationship of the Coalition[]

The Marines have a high position in the coalition but it seems to be tense mainly because of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki's superiority complex.

Also Vice Admiral Smoker had no obligations of standing and threating Konton when he forced Yugito Nii to transform into the Two Tails (Matatabi) during the battle of lake willow. Which put his men in danger. However this cost him his arm being blown off.

Threat to the Alliance[]

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Several Vice Admirals

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