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Lie Ren for the part keeps a calm and level head. Prefer peace and quite He seems very much in control of himself, as shown by his calm and deliberate response to the appearance of a King Taijitu. He is unbothered by Nora Valkyrie's bubbly and contrasting personality, showing a great deal of patience when dealing with his hyperactive, happy-go-lucky childhood friend.

He also takes his role as Huntsmen seriously and puts professional face when on job putting it above almost everything else.

However he does have slight humorous side and sometimes join on his friends activates such as during the food fight.

History(Rwby Series)[edit | edit source]

Ren as a child

Lie Ren was born and raised and outside the Kingdom of Mistral in a small village called Kuroyuri to Li Ren and An Ren. A Nuckelavee attacked the village and killed everyone, including Ren's parents, Li Ren and An Ren. During the attack he activated his semblance which allowed and another orphan Nora Valkyrie to escape whom he had met in Kuroyuri shortly before the attack. The two later trained to become Huntsmen together eventually enrolling at Beacon Academy in the Kingdom of Vale.

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