Kumadori is a former member of CP9 and one of the last agents to be introduced. He is the son of Kumadori Yamanbako and one of the few characters without a known first name.


Kumadori is, overall, an eccentric character, perhaps the most within CP9. He seems to honor the samurai code of honor very heavily as he comically attempts to take his own life after dishonoring himself. As he accepts the blame for nearly anything, even the faults of others, this happens quite often in his appearances. Before he commits seppuku, however, he instinctively uses Iron Body, unintentionally saving his own life in a rather comical way. He thinks "real men" shouldn't cry or give up, which is why he kept fighting, even when confronted against Chopper's monster form. Kumadori also tried to keep Chopper from crying and from giving up because of his ideals.

Kumadori resembles a character in kabuki (traditional Japanese theater). He is a very loud character, and often punctuates his sentences with a loud, dramatic "YOYOI!!" He has a strange way of speaking, talks rather slowly and tends to repeat or draw out syllables and words in the manner of kabuki actors. He also has a penchant for spouting haiku, even during battles and at other inappropriate times. He often makes references to his "mother in heaven", Kumadori Yamanbako, then begins to sob, even while fighting. Before killing his opponents he often asks them to visit his mother in afterlife and tell her that he is okay. He claims her "divine protection" is the reason for his failure at committing seppuku. However his mother is still alive. Kumadori claims to be a Rennin a type of hermit.

However, Kumadori shows fear when he comes across people of monstrous strength, as when he felt Kenpachi Zaraki power, questioning if he was even human.

History (One Piece manga)Edit

Kumadori child

Kumadori as a child

Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail CampaignEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Six Powers Edit

Iron Body

Finger Pistol

  • Lion Finger Pistol:
  • Finger Pistol: Cue:
  • Finger Pistol: Break:
  • Lion Drill Pistol:
  • Flying Finger Pistol Cue:
  • Finger Pistol Cue: Break:

Tempest Kick

  • Tempest Kick: Weeping Willow:
  • Tempest Kick: Lotus: Used by Kumadori. In this attack, Rankyaku is performed with both legs instead of one, causing multiple cuts on either side of the opponent. The cuts at first appear small and then "blossom" into larger ones, perhaps explaining the name.

Weapon Edit

Khakkhara (錫杖 shakujō?, literally meaning "tin stick"): the staff he wields


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