Gineri, Soujin, Byakuya and Rukia, prominent members of the Clan



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As one of the Four Noble Houses in Soul Reaper World/Soul Society, they had great impact in the past and present in their world. By tradition, the family has been charged with compiling and protecting the history of Soul Society.

At least two members of the clan have made quite significant impact, Byakuya a captain the Gotei 13 is known for having one of strongest long ranged Zanpakutōs in history, he is also responsible for adopting Rukia into the family who is his deceased wife's sister. Later on Rukia despite attaining the rank of Lieutenant, eventually gained the strength equal to a captain. She is also responsible for introducing and helping Act of Order, Ichigo Kurosaki gain soul reaper powers, and learn about Soul Society.

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