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Background[edit | edit source]

The first settlers founded Vacuo back when the Kingdom was a lush jungle, with a large oasis, abundant resources, natural barriers and the largest Dust deposit in the world's history. These conditions allowed the citizens to enjoy an reasonable comfortable lifestyle However, these comfortable conditions also bred complacency in Vacuo's people, who had no inclination to develop and adapt as others living in less ideal conditions were forced to. This unpreparedness made Vacuo an easy target for exploitation by other Kingdoms, who wished to claim their vast resources for themselves.

Years of fighting over the resources, mining ecological disasters exhausted Vacuo's resources and transformed the once rich Kingdom into a wasteland of heavy industry and makeshift settlements.

Government[edit | edit source]

Like the rest of the Kingdoms, it has an elected council, However because of the culture, civilians mostly reject formal law and order leaving the govement with mixed results of control over the Kingdom, instead the Huntsmen Academy Shade is consider the only source of order in the kingdom.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Vacuo has very harsh environment made mostly up of desert and harsh waste lands with oasis. Rain appears to rare the Kingdom as well. Sandstorms and Sinkholes are also quite common.

Economy, Social Class and Culture[edit | edit source]

Because of his harsh environment and nomadic culture most citizens make living of what hunted or scavenged. As such a lot food is prepared from the local wild life such mole crab.

Social is mostly made of small settlements and nomadic tribes that ravel through deserts. These tribes occasionally merge to move in large groups. Outwards displays of emotion are looked down upon by nomads, as they attract Grimm.

Because of the Government's lack of power citizens in kingdom have less care for law and order, instead citizens look at the philosophy of survival and those can survive the harsh environment of the Kingdom are welcome and this appears to also extend to the Faunus hinting less racial discrimination in Vacuo compared to the other Kingdoms. However the citizens appear to look up too and respect the authority of the Kingdom's Huntsmen Academy Shade as such the it has great influence in the Kingdom.

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