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Julius Novachrono is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights. He is also a former captain of the Grey Deer squad.

With the demotion of King Augustus Kira Clover 13th as a figurehead for real and Julius regaining his previous age and power with the Time Seal albeit for 15 minutes per day, Julius is currently the new and legit ruler of the Clover Kingdom.


Julius's biggest feature is his fascination and obsession with magic. In his spare time he loves to explore to discover new forms of magic, this fascination appears to have grown to a point that he finds other energy sources such as Reiki and Aura as interesting. Questioning Sojiro and Ruby Rose upon their first meeting them in a childish manner. This also extends with technology as he became giddy at the thought of working with the Time Seal to help restore his power. He also sometimes disguises himself as an old lady so he can conduct his search without being recognized by the citizens.

Due to his childish nature, Julius also has a penchant of leaving his duties as The Wizard King or intentionally leaving while high-ranking Knights are in the same room as low-ranking Knights, even though he is aware that they would eventually clash.

Despite his childish nature, he is a very wise man and retains a vast knowledge of various different magic, this can be seen when he recognizes the artifact that Yuno found inside a dungeon, and when he sheds some light to him and Asta regarding the weight of being Wizard King.

Despite his noble background he treats everyone as equals regardless of one's social standing, as example he treats Asta and Yuno in the same way he treats the other Magic Knights regardless of their rankings. He greeted Sojiro and his group politely and even regarded the latter as a friend.

Julius is loving inspired by Zora's father, Zara Ideale, the first commoner ever to become a Magic Knight, and one who put a great deal of effort into defending the citizens of Clover Kingdom. It was after Zara's death that decided to become the next Wizard King in hopes of changing the Kingdom for the better Julius's dying thoughts was how he was grateful to have seen so many different magics and so many different people. Along with the fact that he fought Patolli, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, without the intent to kill, and used his years stored up magic to defend the people of the capital city, shows the depths of his love for his people and his country.

When Julius managed to temporarily return to his proper age and power, he is glad that he can protect the Clover Kingdom and its people once more as the Wizard King.

History (Black Clover)[]

Julius was born somewhere in the noble realm of the Clover Kingdom. At 15 years old he joins the Magic Knights where he is enlisted in the Azure Deer Squad eventually making his way to become the Squad's Captain.

At some point later while in disguise he met a young Yami Sukehiro while witness the latter's dark magic. Impressed he invited the young to become a Magic Knight in his squad. Because Yami was foreigner he taught him the Kingdom's language.

Julius Current Appearence

War of Discoveries(Prologue)[]


Clover Kingdom[]

Magic Knight Captains[]

As the Wizard King has authority over the captains and is held in very high regard by his captains and despite his goofy persona the captains all respect him and obey his commands.

Magic Knights[]

As the Wizard King, Julius oversees the Magic Knights as their leader and is well respected by many too.

Sojiro's Followers[]


Julius greets Sojiro with respect as he refers to him as Grandmaster. When Sojiro came to warn Julius and the Magic Knight Captains about the threat of the Cult Of The End. Despite the disbelief the Magic Knight Captains, Julius was the only to believe Sojiro's warnings, even pointed out the accurate facts of why Sojiro was telling them the truth. As such, Julius agreed to accept Sojiro's help to fight and defeat the Cult. The two men discuss on matters to help with the situations, such as helping protect Asta from the Magic Parliament and Sojiro giving him one of his Time Seals to study. Which was able to temporary revert Julius back to his true age.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the 28th Wizard King Juilus is arguable he strongest mages in the Clover Kingdom. As during his first with members of Eyes of the midnight sun dominated the killing almost of them with just strike. He even able to fight evenly with their leader Patolli in fight even fight and even stopped his that decimated the entire country though this caused to lose the fight. After he was able to save his life by reversing his age however it cost him a great of his power. After Sojiro let him borrow a Time Seal Julius was able to create a spell the temporally reverts him back to his proper age for 15 minutes a remarkable feat considering he was working with technology that he never used before. He was able to trap Cardinal Yakuma of the Cult of the End and his Bishops and would have killed them by aging them rapidly into dust if the Matriarch hadn't intervened.

After King Augustus Kira Clover was demoted to a figurehead due to his attempt to trade the kingdom for his own life, Julius now remains the highest authority figure in the Clover Kingdom and an actual ruler the people always preferred him over Augustus anyway.

Magic []

Time Magic 「時間魔法 Jikan Mahō: Julius's magic allows to manipulate, reverse, accelerate, stop and store time. He can also age someone to the point of death, heal a person's wounds and neutralize an enemy's spell by reversing it to a point before it was cast. His magic appears to have limits as he can't reverse time itself.


  • Julius Novachrono's English VA is Robert McCollum who voices Jellal Fernandes from Fairy Tail.
    • It is ironic because Jellal Fernades, whom Robert McCollum voiced, lost against August the Wizard King of the Spriggan 12 in battle.
  • Julius Novachrono's Japanese VA is Toshiyuki Morikawa who voices Minato Namikaze and Kimimaro Kaguya from Naruto, Hatchan and Enel from One Piece, Isshin Kurosaki and Kaname Tōsen from Bleach and Mard Geer Tartaros from Fairy Tail.
  • It is Hilarious in Hindsight that Julius Novachrono is able to temporarily regain his original age and magic power with the help of Damnatio Kira in Black Clover similar to what happened in War of Discoveries with the help of Sojiro. However, the difference is that the modified Time Seal lasts 15 minutes per day while Julius and Damnatio's temporary reversal had expired too quickly.
  • Julius shares the same birthday with Ganju Shiba, Charlotte Compote and Chiyo.