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As a child Ilia hid her Faunus heritage as a way to blend and avoid discrimination. She used to enjoy blending in with Humans, even playing along with their anti-Faunus beliefs despite the hypocrisy. However this stopped after the massive death of Faunus which included her parents in a mining accident. On which her human friends still laughed at as such she attacked in anger. This event led down a dark path to joining the White Fang.

Her loathing of Humans is not merely because of those who mistreat or segregate Faunus; it is also against Humans or Faunus who stand by and do nothing to help or improve the Faunus' standing outside of Menagerie, herself included, being unable to forgive herself. She also reacted with rage when Blake tried to reach her out and to make her leave the White Fang, accusing her of being a traitor and showing bitterness about Blake not returning or even noticing Ilia's feelings for her and admitted her jealousy of Blake's feelings for Adam during her time in the White Fang.

However during the attack on Belladonna's residence, Blake got through to her as such turned on the White Fang and now seeks redemption for her pasts deeds. As such seeks to help create a better world for both Humans and Faunus. She know works as Ghira Belladonna's bodyguard. Another part of this is her romantic feelings for Blake who even though Blake does not feel the same way back, She stills wants to help protect her and help her allies in anyway.

History(Rwby Series)[]

Iliia was born in the Kingdom of Atlas in the city of Mantle as part of the mining community. At some point in her youth she moved the Kingdom's capital to attend a prep school. She was forced by her parents to hide her Faunus heritage. During her time as a student she enjoyed blending in with Humans and even spoke badly of Faunus along with her Human friends. One day, she and her classmates received news of a large explosion causing a cave-in at the mines, resulting in the deaths of her parents. Her friends found it amusing while Ilia could not contain her emotions as a result her skin turned blue, which her friends to freighted of her. She then assaulted them for their cruelty.

At some point after she joined the White Fang where she met Blake Belladonna who she befriended.

At some point she infiltrated a base owned by the Schnee Dust Company along with Adam Taurus and Sienna Khan.

At some point afterwards she assigned the Menagerie branch of the White Fang, where she acted as the group's spy and assassin.

War Of Discoveries: Rwby Campaign[]


Blake Belladonna[]

Ilia and Blake are both comrades from their old White Fang days and close friends. Ilia also holds romantic feelings for Blake, which she professes to Blake and is upset they were unrequited. During the period between Blake's departure from the White Fang and Ilia's departure from the White Fang, Blake and Ilia are somewhat unwilling enemies. Blake wants to stop her from becoming like Adam while Ilia wants to further the goals of Adam's White Fang under the orders of the Albains. Ultimately, after Blake tells Ilia that her ways go against the wishes of her parents and Ghira saves her from certain death, Ilia betrays the White Fang and joins Blake.

Ilia and Blake meet again during the Battle of Vale, which she volunteered to join Sojiro group hoping to protect her. However, Ilia immediately realized that Sojiro was testing her and answers that she can pull her weight in another team without letting her feelings for Blake get in the way.

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  • Ilia's English VA is Cherami Leigh who also voices Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail, Aisa, Miss Goldenweek, Pepper, in One Piece, Pixie Bob in My Hero Academia and Lolopechika in Black Clover.
  • Ilia's Japanese VA is Mariya Ise who also voices Levy McGarden and Romeo Conbolt in Fairy Tail, Killua Zoldyck in Hunter X Hunter, Kiku in One Piece and Dorothy Unsworth in Black Clover.