Like the majority of men in his guild Ichiya is massive flirt and gentleman. Unlike them, he is nowhere near as "handsome", though he thinks of himself as such. Because of his S-Class Wizard status he holds a certain amount of authority and respect in the guild second to his guild master. He also has a habit of smelling people's upon greeting them. While sometimes a coward he will defend his guild mates with his life. He also has slight vengeful side as when faced Ren Akatsuki's killer Gantenbaine Mosqueda.

History (Fairy Tail Manga) Edit

Five World War: PrologueEdit

Post-Invasion ArcEdit

Ichiya was brought by his Guild Master Bob to the next Five World Summit to decide on Division Commanders for the Alliance. Though Bob didn't think he would get it he still believed he deserved a chance because he was the strongest wizard in Blue Pegasus

The minute he arrived he tried sniff Tsunade's parfume only to get to pummeled to the ground by the latter.

Five World War : Fairy Tail CampaignEdit

Introduction Arc (Fairy Tail Campaign)Edit

Clover Town ArcEdit

Kunugi Town ArcEdit

Magnolia ArcEdit

Tenrou ArcEdit

Five World War: One Piece CampaignEdit

Introduction Arc (One Piece Campaign)Edit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an S-Class wizard of Blue Pegasus guild Ichiya is strong. He was able to fight on par with Quilge Opie, Along with Jenny Realight and Lisanna Strauss even surprising the Sternritter a few times.

So far in the war he was able to defeat Buffalo a member of the Donquixote Pirates.


Perfume Magic (香り魔法パルファムマジック Parufamu Majikku) : Is a holder magic that uses with the use of vials filled with magical perfume. Once these perfumes are inhaled they a variety of effects on the user or their opponent. The magic is quite versatile with lots of uses to increasing attributes such as speed, strength, even muscle size, by an incredible margin.

  • Power Perfume

    Ichiya's Muscle Form

    : By using this perfume Ichiya small frame grows twice in size and gain a massive muscular structure, enhancing their physical strength.
    • Enhanced Strength:
      • Smiling Smash (微笑みスマッシュ Hohoemi Sumasshu):
      • Power Perfume: Max Men (力の香りパルファム MAXメェーン Chikara no Parufamu Makkusu Meeen):
  • Speed Perfume:
  • Pain Perfume:
  • Pain Reliving Perfume:
  • Armpit Perfume: (ワキの香りパルファム Waki no Parufamu)
    Armpit Perfume
    :The user unleashes a very stinky perfume that stuns and disgusts their opponents. Because of its repulsive odor, Ichiya keeps this perfume's existence hidden, and refers to it as his "secret perfume".
  • Wind Perfume:
    • Sky Dance Men
  • Fleet-Foot Perfume
    • Zero Distance Inhalation
  • Thunder Perfume

Enhanced Smell

Despite being human he has great sense of smell being to tell if a wizard has a rare magic just by sensing their scent.


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