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Ozpin and Glynda and Example of trained Aura Users


Are humans who inhabit the Dust World/Remnant that have unlocked their Aura. Aura is manifestation of the soul and powers their Semblances and Skilled users of Aura can create their own barriers or even increase their own abilities in some way. Weapons and armor can also act as a conduit for Aura, allowing for an even wider range of offensive and defensive capabilities. This even applies to non-traditional "weapons", such as a loaf of bread or a leek as seen with Food Fight between Team RWBY and Team JNPR.


One thing is that most of them are known to colour theme in their name. This tradition began during the Great War when one side tried to suppress or forbid the freedom of self-expression. Those who opposed them defied this by naming their children, began naming their children after a fundamental aspect of art - color. This symbolic gesture demonstrated that neither they nor the generations to come would tolerate such oppression. After the war the side the defied it won and the tradition has continued ever since.

Another thing that most Aura Users have is an Emblem that acts that are used to represent a person and can be compared to personal signatures. They are commonly found adorning weapons and armour but have also appeared on clothing, personal equipment, and even as tattoos.

Huntsmen and Huntresses[]

Are licenced warriors who are trained to fight the Creatures of Grimm, protect the people the Remnant and whose duty is to "uphold the peace" of their world. Those who wish to become Huntsmen or Huntresses attend the enroll in one the Huntsmen Academes, Beacon Academy located in the Kingdom of Vale, Haven Academy located in the Kingdom of Mistral, Atlas Academy located in the Kingdom of Atlas or Shade Academy in the Kingdom of Vacuo. To do this they must pass the entrance exam which the usualy train for by going to a combat school. Though if they have they have skills they skip this stage.

Huntsmen after graduating from their Academes Huntsmen receive a license they can access through their scrolls. This license includes their photo, name, Huntsman ID number, their emblem, the Kingdom that issued the license, the Huntsman academy attended and any restrictions the Huntsman may have. This does come with problems as they been known to be employed for disreputable purposes on occasion.

Huntsmen missions generally fall into these categories, Search and Rescue ( Finding Missing people or missing Supplies), Search and Destroy(Clearing out areas infested with Grimm), Perimeter Defence(Fortifying the Kingdoms and Cities defences.), Village Security(Helping a village not part of the Four Kingdoms fight off the Grimm). Bounty(Catching Wanted Criminals) and Escort(Escorting one or more civilians through Grimm Infested areas.)


Are students of one of the Four Huntsmen Academies who either enroll in Beacon, Atlas, Haven and Shade Academy. The study and train for four years usually at years of age 17 ending at 21. Though sometimes in special cases of the person is advanced enough the can start earlier. The classes students will take in will be Grimm Studies (Learning about the Creatures of Grimm) History Class, Combat Classes, Plant Sciences, Stealth and Security and Weapon Crafting and Upkeep and will take part practical missions. They will take school trips to dangerous places outside the Kingdoms.

Elite Huntsmen and Huntresses[]

Are Huntsmen who consider among the strongest and most famous. They are among strongest of warriors in Remnant with some being to take the strong warriors like the The Four Maidens.


Are Huntsmen who teach at either at one the combat schools or the Huntsmen Academies.

Special Operatives[]

Are Huntsmen who have graduated from Atlas Academy and joined the Kingdom of Atlas Military Special Operative Unit. This has drawn criticism as the separation of Huntsmen and Kingdom allegiance was intended as a measure to ensure peace. As such other Huntsmen are not fond of them.

Headmaster and Headmistress []

Are Huntsmen who are put in charge of one of the Four Huntsmen Academies. The Headmasters who access and authority to education, entry qualification and are also member of their respective Kingdom's council. Most of them are regarded as level of an elite Huntsmen.


Due to living in hostile world most Aura Users are skilled in combating the Creatures of Grimm. Those in particular who trained as Huntsmen. It also depends on were they grew up. As those who grew up outside the Kingdoms are known to have better survivalist skills than those of lived in the Kingdoms. Because of this most are willing to kill to defend themselves.


Aura is this the energy source that is consider a manifestation of one's Soul and can be used for a wide range of abilities. It is mainly used shield clocking the person a veil from attacks that would normal people. However the amount times a person Aura is hit to starts to deplete and once it is used that user is defenceless. Aura also allows the user to heal minor injures to themselves.


Are abilities nearly completely unique to person that is powered by Aura. With the sheer number of people unlocking their Semblances, it can lead to unrelated people gaining similar abilities. The nature of one's Semblance is noted as representing an aspect of their character. However, a person's Semblance can be similar to the Semblances of their parents or other family members. Some Semblances can be hereditary such as the Schnee Family's Glyphs and Vasilias Family being all water based. While everyone has a Semblance not everyone unlocks them as noted Arthur Watts and Roman Torchwick.

Weapons []

Aura Unlocking[]

Aura Transfer[]


Because most of them are used to fighting the Creatures of Grimm they are as experienced fighting one on one enemies as such the had disadvantage against otherworld races such as members of the Watcher's Race from the Cult Of The End. The semblance is also powered by there Aura because less effective or can't be used when it runs and needs to recover before further use.

List of Aura Users []

  • Amber(Born in Vale)
  • Arslan Altan(Born in Mistral)
  • Arthur Watts(Born in Atlas)
  • Bartholomew Oobleck(Born in Val)
  • Bolin Hori(Born in Mistral)
  • Cardin Winchester(Born in Vale)
  • Carmine Esclados(Born in Atlas)(Immigrated to Vacuo)
  • Caroline Cordovan(Born in Atlas)(Immigrated to Mistral)
  • Cinder Fall(Born in Mistral)(Immigrated to Atlas)
  • Clover Ebi(Born in Atlas)
  • Cocno Adel(Born in Vale)
  • Dee(Born in Mistral)(Deceased)
  • Dew Gayl(Born in Vacuo)
  • Dove Bronzewing(Born in Vale)
  • Dudley(Born in Mistral)(Deceased)
  • Elm Edeme(Born in Atlas)
  • Fall(Born before the Kingdoms)(Deceased)
  • Flynt Coal(Born in Atlas)
  • Fria(Born in Atlas)
  • Fox Alistair(Born in Vacuo)(Immigrated to Vale)
  • Glynda Goodwitch(Born in Vale)
  • Ivori(Born in Atlas)
  • James Ironwood(Born in Atlas)
  • Jaune Arc(Born in Vale)
  • Joanna Greenleaf(Born in Atlas)
  • Lie Ren(Born outside the kingdoms)(Immigrated to Vale)
  • May Marigold(Born in Atlas)
  • May Zedong(Born in Atlas)
  • Melanie Malachite(Born in Vale)
  • Mercury Black(Born outside the kingdoms)
  • Miltia Malachite(Born in Vale)
  • Nadir Shiko(Born in Mistral)
  • Nebula Violette(Born in Vacuo)
  • Neopolitan
  • Neptune Vasilias(Born in Mistral)
  • Nolan Porfirio(Born in Vacuo)
  • Nora Valkyrie(Born outside the kingdoms)(Born in Vale)
  • Octavia Ember(Born in Vacuo)
  • Oscar Pine(Born in Mistral)
  • Ozma(Born before the Kingdoms)
  • Peter Port(Born in Vale)
  • Pyrrha Nikos(Born in Mistral)(Immigrated to Vale)(Deceased)
  • Qrow Branwen(Born outside the kingdoms)(Immigrated to Vale)
  • Rhodes(Born in Atlas)
  • Robyn Hill(Born in Atlas)
  • Roman Torchwick(Born in Vale)
  • Ruby Rose(Born in Vale)
  • Russel Thrush(Born in Vale)
  • Scarlet David(Born in Mistral)
  • Sky Lark(Born in Vale)
  • Spring(Born before the kingdoms)(Deceased)
  • Summer(Born before the kingdoms)(Deceased)
  • Summer Rose(Born in Vale)
  • Taiyang Xiao Long(Born in Vale)
  • The Wizard(Born before the kingdoms)(Deceased)
  • Theodore(Born in Vacuo)
  • Vine Zeki(Born in Atlas)
  • Warrior In The Woods(Born outside the Kingdoms)
  • Weiss Schnee(Born in Atlas)(Immigrated to Vale)
  • Willow Schnee(Born in Atlas)
  • Winter(Born before the kingdoms)(Deceased)
  • Winter Schnee(Born in Atlas)
  • Yang Xiao Long(Born in Vale)