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Hanta has proven himself to be a very competent combatant, with a great handle on his versatile Quirk, Tape. He primarily uses his tape to bind targets from afar, restraining them from action by knotting his tape around their bodies. He prefers to remain at a safe distance while firing large amounts of tape at his opponents with impressive accuracy. Hanta has also shown the ability to shoot multiple strands of tape at once, as well as produce double-sided tape (which sticks to both sides). Hanta frequently uses Tape for mobility, attaching the adhesive material to surfaces and then either using them to swing himself through the air, or pull himself towards the attachment points. Furthermore, by spreading tape around a room or pathway, Hanta can easily create traps and blockades for enemies. Hanta's overall fighting style makes him a highly formidable long-range combatant.

Tape: Hanta's Quirk allows him to eject cellophane tape-like material from his elbows, as well as retract it. It appears to be somewhat sturdier than regular tape. He can wrap up people like rope, use it to swing large distances and create traps, among its other applications. Overusing his Quirk dries out his skin and causes a certain level of pain, seen by his grimace in many scenes.


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