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Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign[]


Powers and Abilities[]

Roger was hailed as the most powerful pirate of all time whose fighting power was nearly unstoppable. Roger was even able to conquer the Grand Line and earned the title of King Of The Pirates. However, not much is known about his abilities in detail. As Pirate King, he retains the highest status among pirates even in death, something elucidated by the astonishingly high bounty he had in life, at 5.5 billion being the highest in recorded history.

Only two people are known to have ever matched Roger in battle: Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who possesses immense strength even in old age and cornered him multiple times before his surrender, and his rival Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, who held the power of the Tremor Tremor Fruit and was called the "Strongest Man in the World" before Roger's death. Other examples of Roger's strength include fighting on equal ground with Shiki, who commanded the largest pirate fleet of the time, and single-handedly defeating the armies of several countries.

He also had immense endurance and vitality even when he was ravaged by an incurable disease. With Crocus's medical skills, he managed to conquer the Grand Line.

Even an elite high ranking Watcher such as Itan, who is one of the Nine Dark Circles holds his strength in high regard, even commenting the Coalition would have a hard time controlling Roger if they wished to revive him and indoctrinated him, stating that only the Being of Chaos Konton would be the only one to handle him.

Immense Strength:

Immense Endurance:

Master Swordsman: Roger was a tremendously powerful swordsman, as shown when he overpowered the legendary master samurai Kozuki Oden with only one strike. He was also able to clash equally against Whitebeard's Murakumogiri, creating a powerful shockwave that blew back everything on the island as well as the Moby Dick by the coast.


Armament Haki[]

Roger possessed immense mastery over Busoshoku Haki, being as powerful as Edward Newgate in his prime 30 years prior. He could imbue his weapons, specifically his saber, hardening it and causing a stream of black flame-like aura just as large at himself to flow out from his sword and could clash against the Murakumogiri, one of the 12 Saji O Wazamono Meito. As a testament to his mastery, he could even overpower Kozuki Oden, who was a master of Busoshoku Haki in his own right.

He proved his mastery and advancement of Busoshoku Haki to where he could emit it from a short distance using his saber as a clash between him and Edward Newgate resulted in a gigantic shock wave that spread across the island despite their weapons not coming into contact with one another.

Conqueror's Haki[]

Roger possessed Conqueror Haki, which was seen when he clashed with fellow conqu Haki user, Edward Newgate. Their clash created a notable effect similar to lightning and released a large burst that traveled across the island that they were on and pushing back the Moby Dick alongside the nearby trees and people.