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Fukuro is a member of Trinity Raven, a group in the assassin guild Death's Head Caucus. He also servers a minor antagonist in the Fairy Tail Manga, and Summit Invasion, 1st and 2nd Battle of Hargeon Arcs.


History (Fairy Tail manga)Edit

Five World War: PrologueEdit

Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail CampaignEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jet Magic: Fukuro employs this Magic involving the use of jets. He uses them mainly for combat and transportation. This allows Fukuro to maneuver around and flank his opponents freely in battle,  and also shoot energy beams from his body.

  • Jet Ho Ho Hou (ジェットホーホホウ Jetto Hō Ho Hō): Fukuro uses his rocket packs to launch himself at his target.
  • Mouton Ho Ho Shoot:
  • Judgement Hou:
Capture (キャプチャー Kyapuchā)

Fukuro casting : Capture

: This magic allows Fukuro to absorb his opponent's Magic by consuming the opponent whole. The user has the ability to utilize the Magic of the victim that has been digested.