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Unlike most nobles, Fuegoleon is polite to most people and instead judges on their character and strength rather then one's social status. This side of him is seen when he is defending Asta from the House Silva's oppression by reasoning with them that Asta was brought by Julius Novachrono. Which means he also trusts the Wizard King's judgement.

He also a strong believer in justice and believes that social status should play a part in it. As such won't stand when it's being used wrong reasons or when some is being oppressed.

Fuegoleon has also been shown to have a charismatic personality that translates to his leadership ability. He is able to quickly take charge of a situation and deploy orders accordingly, such as giving several Knights orders after shortly being informed that the Royal Capital is being invaded. Fuegoleon is also very calm and collected in dire situations. He is capable of analysing and finds his opponent's weaknesses, even while defending against a barrage of attacks.

He also believes that nobles need to set example and not abuse their power as such he was disgusted when used Asta as a scape goat or when they tried to hurt Marie Adlai for being associated with him. Lastly, as a noble, Fuegoleon is still a prideful man where he could easily be angered by the slightest hint of impoliteness, such as when Nozel Silva is giving him a condescending remark.

He also known to be a no nonsense man and would scold his comrades in important situation, this sometimes extends to his older sister though he is known to slightly scared of her.

Fuegoleon as a child

History (Black Clover Series)[]

Fuegoleon was born 30 years ago as second eldest child and oldest son of House Vermillion one of the royal houses of the Clover Kingdom. As a child he was intrusted in magic by Theresa Rapual, as child he often spent time with sister Mereoleona Vermillion and distant relative Nozel Silva. On which he forged a rivalry with.

The day before Mereoleona receives her grimoire, Fuegoleon approaches her about her decision not to join the Crimson Lion squad. She disparages the Magic Knights, so Fuegoleon challenges her to a fight. The resulting blaze destroys part of the Vermillion Estate, and the confrontation becomes known as "Hot-Blooded Tuesday".

At some point when his younger brother Leopold Vermillion was three years old, Mereoleona suggests that they throw their younger brother into a giant chasm as training. Fuegoleon instead decides to train Leopold himself. He spends much of his childhood and early adulthood alongside his younger brother and they develop a strong bond.

At some point he marks his forehead with Diamond-shaped symbol and vows to become the next The Wizard King. His brother ask whys on which explains the symbol's meaning within their family.

War of Discoveries(Prologue)[]


Clover Kingdom[]

Julius Novachrono[]

Crimson Lion[]

Black Bull[]

Traveling Strike Force[]


Cult Of The End[]


Grimoire: Like all that hail from the Clover Kingdom, Fuegoleon's Grimoire that has three-leaf clover which contains fire spells. The grimoire has red covers with an intricate flower design, which is decorating the border of its covers and an ornament of leaves arranged in the shape of a sun at the center of the covers.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Magic Knight captain of the Crimson Lion, Fuegoleon is one of the strongest mages within the Clover Kingdom. He strength is held in high regard by his strength and his fellow Magic Knight captains, such as his longtime rival Nozel Silva, Yami Sukehiro and even the Wizard King Julius Novachrono.


Fire Magic: Fuegoleon uses this magic attribute to manipulate the element of fire. Fuegoleon has a high degree of mastery over this magic where he can concentrate a high amount of fire to increase its offensive power.

  • Sol Linea

Creation Magic: Fuegoleon uses this form of magic to shape objects and entities from fire. He has a penchant of creating a fire lion when fighting against his opponents.

  • Unnamed Fire Lion Spell:
  • Leo Rugiens:
  • Ignis Columna:

Restraining Magic: Fuegoleon uses this form of magic to restrain his opponents with fire.

  • Leo Palma

Spirit Magic: Fuegoleon uses this form of magic to summon a spirit that can assist him in battle. He uses this magic to summon Salamander, the fire spirit.

  • Salamander Breath

Reinforcement Magic: Fuegoleon uses this form of magic to increase his physical abilities.

Immense Magic Power: As a nobleman and captain of a Magic Knights squad, Fuegoleon possesses an immense amount of magic power. He can create an intense pressure around his surroundings just from releasing it, and manifest a large lion from his magic power.


  • Fuegoleon's Japanese VA is Katsuyuki Konishi who also voices Laxus Dreyer and Yuri Dreyar in Fairy Tail and Sheepshead in One Piece.
  • Fuegoleon's English VA is John Michael Tatum who also Enel in One Piece, Acnologia and Simon in Fairy Tail, Tenya Ida in My Hero Academia and Klein Sieben in Rwby.
  • Fuegoleon shares the same birthday with Vasco Shot.