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Map of the Dust World/Remnant


Billions of years ago at some point the Remnant was created by two brothers the God Of Light and God of Darkness. Who had a long feud with each other. The God of Light filled the world with life his the God of Darkness his bother created forces of destruction, eventually he created the Creatures of Grimm. Eventually the two brothers decided to end this by created a being embodied the ideals of Creation, Destruction, Knowledge and Choice this being become know as Humanity . The God of Darkness also gifted them with ability to use Magic.

Kingdoms, Territories and Continents[]


Is the Western Continent were kingdom of Vale (On the Eastern End) and Kingdom of Vacuo(On the Western End) are located, along several settlements.

Kingdom of Vale[]

Kingdom of Vacuo[]



Is the Northern Continent, were the Kingdom of Atlas is located, along with several settlements.

Kingdom of Atlas[]


Is the Eastern Continent were the Kingdom of Mistral is located, along with several settlements.

Lake Matsu []

Higabana []

Is a village located on the east of continent.

Shion (Destroyed)


Was a village located on the east of continent that was destroyed over 10 years by the Creatures of Grimm. It was the hometown of Lie Ren.

Brunswick Farms[]

Kingdom of Mistral[]


Is the South-eastern Continent, It is also majority of the Faunus Population are located. Despite it not being a Kingdom it is consider it's own nation.

Land Of Darkness []

Is a barren wasteland that was once ruled by the God of Darkness and was were his shrine was located. After he left Remnant they land eventually fell under control of Salem who built her castle and is her base of operations. It is also the birthplace of the Creatures of Grimm as it were the grim pools are located.

Dominion Of Light[]






Sentient Species[]

Humans/Aura Users[]


Creatures of Grimm[]





Dust is consider one of most highly advance worlds in terms of Technology. A lot the tech of the world succeeds that of modern day earth, such as weapons, vehicles, Advanced robotics and medical. Majority of the worlds technology is powered by Dust.

World's weapons are to be pretty unique designed and manufactured by their users on an individual basis and use a variety of techniques to increase their effectiveness, such as in-the-field transformations for versatility, and the harnessing of Dust.