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Natsu, Zeref and Larcade, prominent members of the family



Strengths and Abilities[]

Impact on their World[]

Members of the Dragneel have quite great significant impact on the world. Zeref is known as one of the most powerful and evil dark wizards in history, is the creator of the Demons/Etherious a powerful race in their own right that have done a great amount damage and created multipliable dark magics. He is also partly responsible for helping found the Fairy Tail guild, thanks to teaching Mavis and the other founder's combat based magic. He brought back his brother Natsu Dragneel a powerful wizard and consider one of the strongest members in the alliance. He helped the 5 Dragon Slayers and their parentsand Anna Heartfillia travel to the future thanks to inventing the Eclipse Gate to help defeat Acnologia. Finally he is responsible for creating the strongest country in his world Alvarez Empire along side August.

August the son of Zeref, despite not having the Dragneel name (due to Zeref unaware he is biological son), August is one of the most powerful mages in the Magic World, being labeled as the Magic King for his masterly over countless types of magic and his matchless strength.

Natsu Dragneel is consider one of strongest members of Alliance. He is responsible for helping defeat evil in his world and is known for his habit of causing mass destruction of propriety. He is the younger of Zeref and was revived as his strongest Demon. He also indirectly responsible in the creation of creation of Tartoros. As Mard Geer Tartoros found his Tome and used to gather the Demons to form the guild. Promising to unseal him someday, unaware of what the latter true identity was at the time. He later invited Lucy Heartfillia to join the guild and after saving her from being nearly sold into slavery. Two would got from a team together along Happy, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster. He defeated all leaders of three most strongest Dark Guilds, Tartoros, Grimore Heart and Oración Seis and even defeated a member of the The 10 Wizard Saints, Jellal Fernades.

List of Members[]

Main Family Members[]

Dragneel Relatives[]

  • August(Son of Zeref and Mavis)
  • Mavis Vermillion(Lover of Zeref and Mother of August)
  • Igneel(Foster Father of Natsu)(Father of Ignia)
  • Ignia(Foster Brother of Natsu)(Son of Igneel)