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While Denki doesn't possess any direct combat abilities, he compensates for this with the moderate handle he has on the destructive, widespread power of his Quirk. When using his Quirk, Denki gains a defense mechanism that electrocutes anyone who comes into contact with him, leaving them slightly, if not completely, paralyzed. As a result of this feat, Denki can be a fairly difficult individual to face in battle, as making physical contact with him is hazard most opponents have to face if they intend to subdue the Stun Gun Hero. If Denki emits enough electricity, it automatically discharges in all directions, shocking anyone close to him, regardless of contact. This facet of his abilities makes Denki very effective in battles involving a large number of opponents. He also possess great camaraderie, commonly allowing himself to act as a decoy, utilizing the volatile nature of his Quirk to stun his opponents, and give his comrades an opening to attack.

Electrification(帯たい電でん Taiden?)'
Denki quirk

Denki's quirk in use

: Denki's Quirk allows him to cover his body in electricity. He can also emit this energy, but has little control over it. Exceeding his wattage limit causes his brain to short-circuit. Due to the erratic nature of his quirk Denki is not capable of directing the energy he releases, putting any allies at risk should they be near him if he unleashes his power, so he frequently holds back in combat. However to the help of Mei Hatsume and Higari Maijima his costume has received an extra piece of equipment that allows him to fire projectiles which can stick themselves to surfaces and attract his released electricity, shocking only those within a direct line between them and Denki. With his Quirk activated, Denki gains a defense mechanism that shocks those who touch him, leaving them slightly paralyzed. If he emits enough electricity, it automatically discharges in all directions, shocking anyone close to him, regardless of contact. He was even able to protect his classmates from an attack by Yukiko an Acolyte of the Cult of the End. There are side-effects to his Quirk, if he exceeds his wattage limit, Denki short-circuits his own brain, turning himself dumb for a one-hour period and being unable to activate his Quirk, or even do anything for that matter, until he recovers, although he does appear to retain minimal awareness of his surroundings. And if he releases too much electricity, risk the possibility that he could endanger his own life.

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