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I will make sure you die, and with it, the knowledge of the Six Powers will die with you, Those techniques will stay with the Marines forever., Chapter 29 Struggle On, Five Word War: Fairy Tail Campaign


Vice Admiral Dalmatian was one of the many Marine vice admirals to have participated in the Battle of Marineford.


Dalmatian has shown to be a follower of Absolute Justice, as stated by one of his subordinates, he is a ferocious man, with a reputation of a hunting dog. He was willing to lie to his enemies, as he offered the 3rd Division to surrender only to fire upon them, once they let their guard down.

He is quick to anger, when things don't go his way, as he was quickly enraged when Kakashi Hatake turned down his offer to surrender, or when the 3rd Division where making their way through their defenses during the first Battle of Hargeon Town.

He has shown to be very loyal towards the World Government, as he questioned if Kakashi believed to be above the World Government, when he refused his surrender. He also was enraged when, Kakashi used his Sharrigan to copy the techniques of the Six Styles, and desperately tried to kill Kakashi, so those techniques would remain solely with the World Government.

History (One Piece manga)[]

Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign[]

First Hargeon Arc[]

When the 3rd Division were about to attack Hargeon Dalmation stood as the first line of Defense against them. He lied in offering the 3rd Division a chance to surrender. When the Commander Kakashi Hatake refused a even mocked him he became thinking that Kakashi think himself above the World Government and order his Marksmen to fire the Cannons.

However the cannon balls were soon thanks to group of shinobi using Earth Style: Mud Wall Jutsu He then ordered his soldiers to reload the cannons. Hoping that the cannon balls will break through the wall. However he then noticed Boa Hancock on top of the wall and yelled fire, he was surprised to see several arrows fly into the air towards them . He ordered into defensive positions but most were to confused and were struck by them.

He saw Hancock fire a Slave Arrow towards his men turning several of them to stone. He then ordered the back canoneers into position. He then noticed that several shinobi were now on top of the wall. They used Water Style: Waterfall Jutsu to rage=ing towards them.

Knowing that he had to get out of the way in order to avoid getting hit and his Devil Fruit powers made useless. He used Moonwalk and landed on the roof of a near by building.



World Government[]


Kakashi Hatake[]

Boa Hancock[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Devil Fruit[]

Physical Abilities[]

  • Shave
  • Finger Pistol
    • Black Finger Pistol
    • Black Five Finger Pistol
    • Black Paws
  • Moonwalk
  • Iron Body
    • Iron Body: Pounce