Beowolf a common breed of the Creatures of Grimm

Biology[edit | edit source]

Are the dominant and destructive race that inhabit the Dust World/Remnant. They are described as "creatures of destruction" that lack a soul; hence, they are unable to use Aura. They are also drawn to feelings of negativity- such as envy, sadness, loneliness, and hatred- often congregating towards the source of these emotions.

The Grimm were created by the God of Darkness are born from the pools in the Land of Darkness. Grimm come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the latter appears to be a factor of age. Grimm are very biodiverse as different individuals may be born with more or less size, armor, spikes, etc. Grimm do not age and can live forever if they are not killed they also get larger and smarter as such they learn from their battles and thus become more deadly. Grimm have a verity of abilities depending on the breed. Such as the ability over lighting or fire. Grimm are stated to be attracted to generally negative feelings such as sadness, hostility, anger and fear, and even congregate in areas that, although Humanity has long since abandoned, still hold residual traces of these feelings. Grimm will also join in on an attack on villages it the people begin to panic.

Grimm only attack humans and Faunus on sight though they will fight with animals over territorial disputes.

It appears that Grimm do not need to eat but they can choose to instead. It is also believed that they survivor on the negative emotions or that act killing itself. When Grimm die, their corporeal form evaporates, preventing detailed anatomical or biological studies. Grimm can also not be held captive by normal means as they will either die themselves or kill their captors given first chance.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Grimm tend to stick their particular breed in packs, though sometimes members may stray from their packs for days, weeks or months. They will inevitably re-join their group to continue their instinctive drive to hunt the people of Remnant and destroy any artificial creations associated with them. The Grimm appear to loyal to their creator the God of Darkness. Though after his departure they appear to be equally loyal to Salem on which they obey her every command, proving that they are not entirely mindless.

Grimm also tend live in areas were places of great negativity are such destroyed villages or near borders of the Kingdoms.

They also drawn to places of great negative emotions as well. This behaviour will even lead to them to join in on an attack in progress if the Humans being attacked begin to panic.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

The Creatures of Grimm's strength very depending breed and age. As Grimm have also various of abilities and durability depending on these factors. Such as Apathy ability to drain the will of it victims or Leviathan due to size being harder to kill.

Another advantage is age as Grimm are ageless and can't die by normal means. As such Grimm that survive their battles and live longer appear to learn from their experiences. While sometimes requiring hundreds of years, the Grimm's accumulated experiences over the course of surviving their battles with man can cause them to begin exercising caution. Another factor is that longer they live the larger they become. This perverse form of self-preservation can even lead them to avoid unnecessary conflicts altogether. Yet, despite this ability to learn, their instinctual hostility still remains, as shown by their preference to patrol the borders of Kingdoms for any weaknesses they might someday exploit.

But what is greatest advantage is numbers as they are dominate race in their world thanks to numbers occupying particularly outside Kingdoms also due they nature of their birth they are near constant supply making them excellent foot soldiers.

Grimm do not require sustenance but rather choose too.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

List of Grimm Breeds [edit | edit source]

Apathy[edit | edit source]

Is a dangerous humanoid skeleton like Grim. While slow in speed and they quite durable. Their special is that are able enmity a scream that weakens their prey by draining their will. It's power enough to the point of falling asleep while in combat, or even cause their death while unconscious.

Beetle Grimm[edit | edit source]

Is a small black insect with white carapace, elytron and four red eyes. It has the ability to transfer powers from person to another viva special type of glove it is summoned from.

Beowolf[edit | edit source]

Are werewolf like Grimm that are the most common type found in the world and are consider the weakest type. These are more dangerous in larger numbers then alone. Their is a sub type called the Alpha Wolf which is a lot more stronger and larger then the standard type.

Beringel[edit | edit source]

Blind Worm[edit | edit source]

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Death Stalker[edit | edit source]

Geist[edit | edit source]

Goliath[edit | edit source]

King Taijitu
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Lancer[edit | edit source]

Leviathan[edit | edit source]

Manticore[edit | edit source]

Nevermore[edit | edit source]

Ravager[edit | edit source]

Sabyr [edit | edit source]

Sea Feliong[edit | edit source]

Seer[edit | edit source]

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