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The Coalition Bomb Squad is a special ops group that works under the Coalition. This squad is comprised of individuals from the four universes who specialize in bombs and explosives, given the nature of their powers. They serves as antagonists in the Kunugi Town Arc.


List of Members

Deidara(Leader) (Resurrected)[]

Bambietta Basterbine (Resurrected)[]


Mr. 5 (Deceased) []

Jackel (Resurrected)[]

Gari (Resurrected)[]

Group Chemistry[]

While most soldiers within the Coalition look down on camaraderie, the Bomb Squad work well together, and apart from Gari who is an indoctrinated soldier, hold each other in high regard. The leader of the Bomb Squad, Deidara, even stated he cares about his members, as proven when he saved Jackel's life from Hinata, and expressed concern for the lives, showed to be infatuated with Bambietta, and finally stated to Renji Abari, that his squad have been through quite a lot together. Even Jackel, who like the rest of his demon guild who hates humans, respects his fellow members, he even engages a casual friendly conversations with Deidara. While they can be annoyed with each others antics, they got along well with each other.

Group Strength[]

They are an incredibly powerful group. By combining a mixture of stealth, tactics and destructive power, they were able to deal massive damage to the 2nd Division during the Kunugi Town Arc.

Individually, they are also very powerful. Their leader was able to fight evenly with a captain-class Soul Reaper, Renji Abarai. Bambietta Basterbine defeated Rogue Cheney, a powerful Dragon Slayer. Gari fought on par with Marco the Phoenix, interim captain of the Whiteboard Pirates. Jackal defeated Soul Reaper Lieutenants Shuhei Hisagi and Izuru Kira with ease before defeating Act of Order Monkey D. Luffy with a clever use of his unique Curse. Gladius was able to defeat several Hyuga Clan members, Clan Head Hiashi Hyuga, Fairy Tail wizard Levy McGarden, and even blow off the arms of Gajeel Redfox, a Dragon Slayer even stronger than Rogue. Even Mr. 5, arguably their weakest member, was able to hold his own against Samui, a Jonin from the Hidden Cloud Village, with his former Baroque Works partner, Ms. Valentine, aiding him.

Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign[]