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Kakō (Descent): A technique all members of the Coalition can use to retreat from battle.


Supreme Commanders[]

Zeref Dragneel[]

Madara Uchiha[]

Marshall D Teach (Blackbeard)[]



Are the third highest ranked members in the Coalition and are amongst the Coalition's strongest fighters. They are leaders of their respective units.

  • Kabuto Yakushi Commander of the Aster Mountains Unit.
  • Diamante Member of the Donquixote Pirates, Commander of the Worth Woodsea Unit.
  • Erik, Former Member of the Orecian Seis Guild, Dragon Slayer, Commander of the Nirvana Guard.
  • Borsalino Admiral in the Marines, Commander of the Hargeon Unit.
  • Smoker Vice-Admiral in the Marines, Commander of the Red Willow Unit.
  • Caesar Clown Commander of Clover Town Unit.
  • Orochimaru of the Sannin, Leader of the Hidden Sound Village, Missing-nin of the Hidden Leaf Village, Commander of the Anemones Plains Unit, Nirvana Unit and Sabaody Archipelago Unit
  • Jose Porla Ex Wizard Saint, Guild Master of the Phantom Lord Guild, Commander of the Kunugi Town Unit.
  • Baraggan Louisenbarn 2nd Espada, Commander of the Mt. Hakobe Unit.
  • Royd Lloyd Sternritter Y, Commander of the Magnolia Unit.
  • Jörg Mertzger Sternritter M, Commander of the Capital of Fiore Unit.
  • Deifilia Pergrande, Creator of God Slayer Magic, Former Ruler of the Pergrande Kingdom, Commander of the Odin Unit
  • Sakazuki, Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Commander of the Mary Geoise Unit.


Indoctrinated Soldiers[]

Are soldiers who have been forced into servitude by Konton via his will manipulation.


Like the Alliance, their army has a mixture of individuals from the five different worlds, led by different individuals. However unlike the Alliance, they are not set up in Divisions, but are instead set up in Units, meaning those individuals in question are not permanently assigned to the same Unit, but rather can be placed within a different one. For example, Pakura, Aria, Sol and Totomaru, were originally placed in the Aster Mountains Coalition Unit, but after the Aster Mountains was lost, they were re-assigned to the Mt Hakobe Coalition Unit.

List of Units:


Among the Coalition, there are numerous teams and groups, each with its own individual objectives, and are assigned missions that match with their skills.


Watcher's World[]

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