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Clover Town the Main setting of the Arc


The Clover Town Arc is the 8th arc of the Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign Saga, and the 10th Arc of the Five Worlds War Series. It lasts from Chapter 46-55, it is focused on the 2nd Division attempt to take back Clover Town from the Coalition.

Plot Summery[]

Chapter 46: The Battle of Clover Town[]

Chapter 47: Fatal Mistakes[]

Chapter 48: What Lies Ahead[]

Chapter 49: My Comrades Shield[]

Chapter 50: The Immortal Duo[]

Chapter 51: Thriller Bark Reprise[]

Chapter 52: The Labyrinth Initiative[]

Chapter 53: The Black Wizard[]

Chapter 54: Luffy vs Zeref[]

Chapter 55: Tears[]

Story Impact[]

  • Caesar Clown is revealed to be the Unit Commander
    • He attempts to take down the 2nd Division by using the Labyrinth Initiative, which involves closing off parts of the town and using the same gas he used on Punk Hazard. It fails
  • Gajeel confronts and defeats Wapol
    • In the process, Wapol manages to bite off some of Gajeel's Iron Scales, which will come into play much later
  • Zeref Dragneel appears at Clover Town.
  • Sabo confronts Zeref, and fails to defeat him.
    • Zeref offers to resurrect Ace, to which Sabo rejects.
    • Zeref reveals he knows the pain of losing a brother.
  • Atsui is killed by Zeref, saving his sister's Samui life in the process.
  • Monkey D. Luffy and Zeref Dragneel face off in battle.
    • Luffy resorts to 4th Gear, which times out and leaves him vulnerable.
    • Sabo almost sacrifices his life for Luffy in the same way Ace once did.
      • Chitsujo interferes and prevents Zeref from killing either one.
    • This marks the first time an Act of Order and an Act of Chaos have faced each other in battle.
  • This arc is the first to show a four way interaction with all four Acts of Chaos
  • Chapter 54 "Luffy vs Zeref" is the fourth chapter labeled with "vs" between two characters.

Previous/Next Arc[]

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